Dear X Who Doesn’t Love Me is about a woman (Han Ji Hyo) who finds a magic notebook that can make anyone fall in love with her for one month. As she starts to use the notebook, her best friend (Doyoung) becomes worried about her.

Han Ji Hyo plays Seo Hee Soo.  She is a college student who has very low self-esteem and struggles with dating. Then she discovers a magic notebook that makes guys fall in love with her, but her new found power comes with some problems.

Doyoung is Jung Si Ho. He is Hee Soo’s best friend and has had feelings for her since high school. He becomes worried about her when she begins using the magic notebook and tries to find a way to help her.

Then we have Kwon Ah Reum as Park Se Jin. She works with Si Ho and has feelings for him. She gets curious when Hee Soo suddenly becomes popular with so many guys.

Dear X Who Doesn’t Love Me is a shorter drama with 10 half hour episodes. I wasn’t expecting much going in, but I actually ended up enjoying it quite well. It was more serious and thoughtful than I would have guessed. It’s a quick watch that flew by.

I found the story itself pretty interesting and well-developed. I like fantasy elements like magic notebooks. We see Hee Soo begin making all of these guys fall for her. At first, it seems great, but then she realizes it brings a host of problems.

She doesn’t actually like the guys which leaves her feeling empty, but she fears she will never be loved, so she sees no other way. Many of the relationships themselves also aren’t particularly healthy. Then she has to contend with her friend Si Ho’s concerns as well as Se Jin getting involved. There’s a lot to deal with!

We get a nice character exploration of Hee Soo as she faces her low self-esteem. She has a lot of baggage and issues from childhood that have led her to feeling unloved. I thought the drama did well at peeling back these layers. We see a very flawed character but are able to slowly come to understand her. We actually end up with a very positive message of self-love.

Of course, the short duration of the drama didn’t allow the story to go as deep as it could have. I think it could have stood to be a bit longer. The story moves pretty quickly from event to event so the developments do feel fast at times. I appreciated that there wasn’t really any time for filler though. We stay on track with the main characters and story.

Not everything is explained in depth concerning the fantasy element. It’s one of those cases where you just kind of have to accept that this is how things work. The acting felt a bit green all around too, but I personally didn’t mind it. Everyone did well enough and conveyed their characters decently. There was also a pretty nice soundtrack which added to the overall feel.

So in the end, Dear X Who Doesn’t Love Me was a nice little surprise. The story was well-done for a shorter drama with romance, angst, a light fantasy element, and nice character explorations. It’s a quick and easy watch that was pretty enjoyable.

My Rating: 7/10

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7 responses to “Dear X Who Doesn’t Love Me Korean Drama Review”

  1. Kate Avatar

    I have this on my watchlist and I’ll start watching this week based on your review! I like these short dramas because they move quickly but I find it funny that many times we want the short ones to go a little longer and the longer ones to be a little shorter! What’s the sweet spot I wonder 🙂

    1. Kay Avatar

      I don’t usually go for dramas this short since there isn’t enough time to flesh out the plot and characters, but sometimes they do well enough for me to enjoy them. It’s definitely hard to find that sweet spot of the right length for a drama. I think the average drama would probably do best around 10-12 episodes, but then there are more complex dramas that are also so entertaining like Alchemy of Souls that need 20 or more. Erring on the side of shorter would probably benefit most dramas though, lol 😅😅 I hope you enjoy this one 🙂

      1. Kate Avatar

        Finished this and didn’t love it 🙁 A bit too gloomy. Good young actors I’d like to see more in the future though!

        1. Kay Avatar

          Aww, that’s too bad 🙁 Definitely on the gloomy side which I was surprised by when I watched it too. Although that actually worked for me since the drama had a lot more substance than I had anticipated. At least it was a quick watch for you so you can move onto better things! 🙂

  2. […] Dear X Who Doesn’t Love Me was nicely done for a shorter drama with romance, angst, a light fantasy element, and nice character explorations. A positive message of self-love was at its core. It’s a quick and easy watch that flew by. My Rating: 7/10 (Dear X Who Doesn’t Love Me Review) […]

  3. sovietredstar Avatar

    I didn’t care for this show at all. The performers were fine but the story was not to my likening. Overall it was somewhat depressing. SPOILER: Seo Hee Soo doesn’t confess until deep into the last episode and leaves for 18 months. There was no real reunion with Seo Hee Soo and the show ends with him returning while she’s preforming a song to an audience and he is in the back of the crowd.

    I watched this show on Viki and I noticed that its rating from viewers was relatively low.

    1. Kay Avatar

      This one definitely seemed hit or miss with viewers and didn’t receive great ratings. I know a lot of people really didn’t like Hee Soo as a character. I wasn’t expecting much going in and was honestly surprised that I ended up liking it pretty well. It was deeper and more well-developed than I thought it would be. Definitely on the some depressing side, hehe

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