Put Your Head on My Shoulder Chinese Drama Review

Put Your Head on My Shoulder Chinese Drama - Lin Yi and Xing Fei

Put Your Head on My Shoulder is a romantic comedy about an accounting student (Xing Fei) who ends up unexpectedly living with a physics student (Lin Yi) as they go from bickering roommates to lovers.

Put Your Head on My Shoulder Chinese Drama - Xing Fei Put Your Head on My Shoulder Chinese Drama - Lin Yi

Xing Fei play Si Tu Mo who is an accounting student getting ready to graduate. She is bright and bubbly but struggles with making decisions about her future.

Lin Yi is Gu Wei Yi. He is a genius physics student who is very blunt and a bit awkward around others.

Put Your Head on My Shoulder Chinese Drama - Tang Xiao Tian Put Your Head on My Shoulder Chinese Drama - Zheng Ying Chen

We also have Fu Pei (Tang Xia Tian) who is close friends with Si Tu Mo and Gu Wei Yi as well as Wang Shan (Zheng Ying Chen) who is friends with Si Tu Mo. SPOILERS: This duo gives us a cute little side romance later in the drama. END OF SPOILERS

Put Your Head on My Shoulder Chinese Drama - Lin Yi and Xing Fei

Well, I finally added another Chinese drama to my completed list with Put Your Head on My Shoulder! I was looking for a very simple and fluffy rom-com, and that’s exactly what I got with this one.

The drama is pretty basic with a simple romance story at its center. We watch Si Tu Mo and Gu Wei Yi in their day to day lives at school and in the dorms. Then the two end up living together, and we get classic cohabitation fun and hijinks.

Put Your Head on My Shoulder Chinese Drama - Lin Yi and Xing Fei

Put Your Head on My Shoulder is a very light and easy to watch. Things mostly stay on the fluffy side though there are a handful of angsty moments mostly involving Si Tu Mo and her longtime friend Fu Pei. These are pretty short-lived though.

There is definitely a lot of filler and times where it doesn’t feel like a lot is happening which occasionally made it feel slow. But the light and airy nature of the show still made it pleasant enough to watch during these times.

Put Your Head on My Shoulder Chinese Drama - Lin Yi and Xing Fei Put Your Head on My Shoulder Chinese Drama - Lin Yi and Xing Fei

The romance is very typical but cute. Si Tu Mo’s bubbly personality made her very appealing. Gu Wei Yi was a bit bland, but I did enjoy seeing him fall for Si Tu Mo and brandishing all of those sweet half-smiles and smirks when no one was looking.

The bickering stage was fun, and the actual romance was nice. There are plenty of cute moments between this duo as we watch them navigate living together, love, school, and family life. The relationship progression in the drama is very nice overall.


We even get to see this couple fall deeply in love and ultimately get married. It was great to watch them take that step and even get a small glance into their life after marriage. That isn’t always common in dramas, and I enjoyed it.


Put Your Head on My Shoulder Chinese Drama - Lin Yi and Xing Fei

Put Your Head on My Shoulder is not a riveting drama by any means. It’s a laid back series with a mix of romance, friendship, humor, college life, and work. The 24 episodes made this more enjoyable compared to longer Chinese dramas considering the plot was so simple. All in all, Put Your Head on My Shoulder is good if you want a nice, easy to watch show without a ton of drama.

My Rating: 7/10

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6 Responses to Put Your Head on My Shoulder Chinese Drama Review

  1. Abcdef1! says:

    Okay, you convinced me to try this one.

    Liked by 2 people

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  3. I actually watched this a couple of months ago but forgot about doing a review. I had to watch it again since I didn’t remember the details. It’s only the second show I ever watched a second time. (the first one I watched a second time was Extraordinary Attorney Woo just because it’s the best Asian show I’ve ever seen).

    I enjoyed this show a lot. One of my favorite genre is the simple romance comedy and this is one of that type. The comedy was well done without becoming overbearing.

    Xing Fei (female lead) was very good and her facial expressions were great. Lin Yi (male lead) was good but a little on the subdued side.

    For me, the best part of the show started when and after they confessed to each other. SPOILER: The wedding scene in the German church was simple but well done. I enjoyed seeing their life go on and give us a solid ending.

    The actress who played the German woman who confessed her love to Gu Weiyi is actually an American actress.

    In episode 13 at about 33 minutes Fu Pei (supporting actor) is in a movie theater with his girlfriend watching a movie. Two seats from him is a woman watching the film with a drink in her hand. While still watching the film she lifts the cup to take a drink but she misses her mouth and the straw hits below her lower lip towards her chin. A shout out to this extra as she recovered and quickly got the straw in her mouth while not taking her eyes off the screen.

    In episode 20 at about 6:30 Situ Mo and Gu Weiyi are in their apartment having a conversation. Behind them is a clock with the time showing about 9:04 but when the conversation ends and she heads for the door the clock shows about 8:55.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kay says:

      It really is amazing when we find a drama we actually want to watch multiple times! I’m happy to hear this is one of those for you 🙂 And this drama definitely nails the simple rom-com drama. It’s very cute, easy, and fun. I enjoyed all of the different stages of their relationship, but particularly after they get together.

      The trivia is also great! I love little interesting tidbits about dramas. I’ll have to go back and check out those scenes again 🙂


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