Lovestruck in the City Korean Drama Review

Lovestruck in the City Korean Drama - Ji Chan Wook and Kim Ji Won

Lovestruck in the City is a romance about the dating lives of young people including a passionate architect (Ji Chang Wook) who meets a freelance marketer (Kim Ji Won) posing as a free spirit in a new city.

Lovestruck in the City Korean Drama - Ji Chang Wook

Ji Chang Wook plays Park Jae Won.Β  He is an architect who takes a long vacation to the beach to stay in a camper. There he meets a free-spirited woman who captures his heart…and then destroys it.

Lovestruck in the City Korean Drama - Kim Ji Won

Kim Ji Won is Lee Eun Oh. She is a freelance marketer who experiences some difficulties in life and decides to reinvent herself in a new city as a free-spirited woman. She falls for Park Jae Won, but he falls in love with her fake identity which creates a big problem for her.

Lovestruck in the City Korean Drama - Kim Min Suk and So Ju Yeon Lovestruck in the City Korean Drama - Ryu Kyung Soo and Han Ji Eun

We then have our other couples which consist of Kyung Joon (Kim Min Suk) and Rin Yi (So Ju Yeon) as well as Gun (Ryu Kyung Soo) and Sun Young (Han Ji Eun).

Lovestruck in the City Korean Drama - Ji Chang Wook and Kim Ji Won

Lovestruck in the City was a bit of mixed bag for me. It had some elements that I really loved and some that I didn’t care for it. Let’s jump into the positives first. I really loved the main love story between Jae Won and Eun Oh.

Ji Chang Wook is made for roles like this where he gets to be adorably awkward, and Kim Ji Won was great at showing two sides of her character as well as the pain she was experiencing.

Lovestruck in the City Korean Drama - Ji Chang Wook Lovestruck in the City Korean Drama - Kim Ji Won

Their story was told in flashbacks as well as in the present. I was completely drawn in to their whirlwind romance on the beach in the past. They had great chemistry and were very engaging.

We don’t get to see much of them together in the present until a good way through the drama, but their individual journeys were nice to see. Things then get very interesting when they reunite. So all in all, I really enjoyed their romance and was completely engaged in that part of the drama.

Lovestruck in the City Korean Drama - Ji Chang Wook Lovestruck in the City Korean Drama - Kim Ji Won
Lovestruck in the City Korean Drama - So Ju Yeon Lovestruck in the City Korean Drama - Kim Min Suk
Lovestruck in the City Korean Drama - Ryu Kyung Soo Lovestruck in the City Korean Drama - Han Ji Eun

Now for the negatives. This drama uses a unique format in how it presents the story. Some of the story is set in the past as we see how the main relationship plays out. Then in the present, it is a mix of traditional story telling along with a sort of documentary/interview style where the characters address the camera quite frequently by answering questions and letting us in on what they are thinking.

I personally didn’t care for this as it sort of pulls me out of the story itself. I just can’t get immersed in the same way. Luckily, the documentary style did lessen as the drama progressed in favor of more traditional scenes, but it was featured in every episode.

I also wasn’t too interested in the secondary couples. It takes a while to really get into them, and even then it was mostly Kyung Joon and Rin Yi. Gun and Sun Young felt more like an afterthought.


I had one big problem with the main romance too. Eun Oh’s story was a fascinating one for sure, and I did like seeing her character growth from start to finish as she finally came out of her shell and found herself, but she really was terrible to Jae Won. It was understandable how she acted when they first got together at the beach and unexpectedly fell in love.

Lovestruck in the City Korean Drama - Ji Chang Wook and Kim Ji Won

Her actions in the present were awful though. The hoops she jumps through to keep her secret are next level. And then when she is discovered, she won’t even explain anything to Jae Won. Not just once either, but for quite a while. The drama did do good at diving in to why she acted the way she did, but there just really isn’t an excuse for the complete shut out of information from her.

I probably wouldn’t be so bothered if this plot element were in a melodrama, but this show has a very realistic, slice-of-life vibe, so her actions felt exaggerated. Still, I did enjoy their romance quite a bit.


Lovestruck in the City Korean Drama - Ji Chang Wook, Kim Ji Won, Kim Min Suk, So Ju Yeon, Ryu Kyung Soo, Han Ji Eun

Overall, Lovestruck in the City was a quick and easy watch with 17 half hour episodes, though it could have definitely told its story in less time. I didn’t love the format, but I thoroughly enjoyed the main romance that provided swoony moments as well as some nice character exploration. It was a decent watch.

My Rating: 6.5/10

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13 Responses to Lovestruck in the City Korean Drama Review

  1. kdramachickblog says:

    Perfect even-handed review of the positives and negatives of this drama. Had it not been for JCW I would have dropped it early on. But between him and the short eps it was worth sticking with it. Also helped to watch week to week. Not sure I could handle binge watching.


    • Kay says:

      Thank you Kate! Yes, Ji Chang Wook was a huge selling point for this drama. He played my favorite kind of character to see him as. And I did quite enjoy the romance with Kim Ji Won. The short eps definitely helped πŸ™‚


  2. D says:

    I enjoyed this drama despite the format. I agree with you though that the story could have been told in less time. I basically fast forwarded all the replays of flashbacks. The very last episode was just completely weird though and is absolutely unnecessary. Not sure what they were trying to do there. Maybe the beginning of another season? I dunno but it was plain unnecessary.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kay says:

      Luckily, I enjoyed the romance aspect too despite the format. I’m sure I would have got into a lot more if it was more traditional though. But yeah, that last episode was so weird! It felt so tacked on and completely out of place. I thought they might focus more on Joon and Rin Yi in the last episode, but for some odd reason they went with that. Strange to say the least, lol


  3. kfangurl says:

    One of the reasons I dropped this one was because of Eun Oh’s behavior (well, and also the fact that I felt like nothing much ever happened, ha), so reading what you said about her behavior later in the story, just makes me more sure that this one just wasn’t for me. πŸ˜…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kay says:

      Yeah, Eun Oh’s behavior was difficult to say the least. And as someone who is a huge fan of melos where similar types of behavior are common, that’s saying something, lol. It just felt excessive, particularly for the type of drama this is. It definitely gets harder to watch as it goes on, so it’s probably good that you bailed when you did πŸ˜‚ They did well at explaining her mindset, but toning it down sure would have helped a lot to sympathize with her more.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Fred says:

    Sorry it was bad for you, Kay. I think the fact that I was so bored when I watched this and Kim Ji Won being the lead made me like this. HAHAHA. It definitely was a mixed bag. I liked probably only around 20% of this kdrama. And that last episode was so bad. But I loved this for some reason. LOL.

    I’m on a kdrama hiatus. I just keep myself updated every now and then by visiting kdramakisses. I might be back once Kim Ji Soo’s kdrama finishes. LOL.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kay says:

      Awe, it wasn’t bad. 6.5 for me is an average watch. And I really loved the romance. Ji Chang Wook and Kim Ji Won were a pairing I really liked. But there’s nothing wrong with liking a drama mostly because one of your faves was in it. I’ve certainly been there, hehe. I’m glad you still check in while you’re on your break πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

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