Korean Drama Update for January 2021

Someday or One Day Taiwanese Drama - Greg Hsu and Alice Ke

The first month of 2021 has came and went! I got in three dramas to start things off. One was absolutely amazing while the other two were just okay. They included the Taiwanese fantasy romance Someday or One Day, the very quirky The School Nurse Files, and the romantic comedy Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol:

Someday or One Day Taiwanese Drama - Greg Hsu and Alice KeSomeday or One Day

Someday or One Day was truly something special. It pulled me in right from the start, captured my heart, and never let it go. This is a rich drama with so much going for it. There’s a big romance, bromance, friendship, and family. The story is captivating and executed beautifully. There is also an intriguing mystery element to the show that includes some truly great twists and reveals that I didn’t see coming.

The story is so unique and well-written, and I was truly impressed with how well everything ties together to make for an incredibly emotional story that really leaves an impact.

I was so invested in these characters and their love story as well as their lives. I laughed and cried right along with them on their grand journey to simply be with each other. It was a heartfelt and emotional ride that I won’t forget. I highly recommend going into this drama knowing as little as possible because it will greatly enrich your experience as you enjoy the amazing journey it takes you on! (Someday or One Day Review)

The School Nurse Files Korean Drama - Nam Joo Hyuk and Jung Yu MiThe School Nurse Files

I primarily checked out The School Nurse Files out of pure curiosity since I heard it was very weird, but for me, it really wasn’t to my own personal tastes. One strange thing after another is paraded out, and I wasn’t completely sure what I was watching or that I even liked it, but it was hard to pull my eyes away. But aside from a semi-entertaining first episode, the rest of the drama just didn’t do it for me and ended up disappointing.

If you enjoy weirdness, fun special effects, and heavy symbolism that requires deeper exploration, this could be a great show for you. But the outward story was slow and creeped along, and the happenings just weren’t coherent enough and didn’t give enough explanation to hold my interest. (The School Nurse Files Review)

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol Korean Drama - Lee Jae Wook and Go AraDo Do Sol Sol La La Sol

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol is a pretty straight-forward romantic comedy with a large helping of fluff that progressively gets more serious as it goes. The first half is pretty easy to watch with its bright characters and humorous story. Go Ara really shined in this. Her interactions with Lee Jae Wook were cute too.

The second half is more serious and kind of loses its way as the plot really wanders around a lot and includes some angsty developments that aren’t handled very well. Still, Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol was decent. It didn’t always feel like a lot was happening, but the story did progress and the characters were appealing to make it a good enough watch despite some big shortcomings. (Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol Review)

So how was January for you?

Happy drama watching to everyone!

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14 Responses to Korean Drama Update for January 2021

  1. D says:

    Hi Kay,
    You are very right – Jan has come and gone. I cannot believe it. Of course drama watching continues. I finished two this month – dropped a few more but the two I finished, I absolutely loved. One was a CDrama called ‘Love and Redemption’ and the other one was a KDrama called ’18 Again’. 18 again was not even in my radar but I picked it up and I’m so glad I watched it. I loved it so much. I liked all the main characters in this but most of all Lee Do Hyun. He was fantastic. Overall, such a good drama.

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    • Kay says:

      It is pretty crazy, but yes, the drama watching does continue on! How wonderful that you got in two dramas that you loved 🙂 I have been hearing such amazing things about 18 Again. I initially wasn’t interested in it, but after all of the positive feedback, it is now on my list. I have to put in a little extra work to be able to watch that one on my TV though, so I’ll have to find a time when I don’t mind putting in the extra effort, hehe 😂


  2. Snow Flower says:

    My kdrama update for January 2021:

    Kairos – Well-written drama that held my interest for all 16 episodes. The story consistently followed its own logic and did not disappoint. Excellent acting by the main leads, particularly Shin Sung Rock.

    Lingerie Girls’ Generation (Girls’Generation 1979) – such a sweet little gem! I enjoyed this coming of age drama. The retro vobe was cool, but the life lessons were timeless.

    Robber – this drama was like the love child of I’m Sorry I Love You and Thank You. Jang Hyuk is brilliant as usual, but the supporting cast was excellent too. A classic melodrama that has aged well.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Kay says:

      You had a good month 🙂 I’m just about finished with Kairos. It’s a solid watch, and I always love Shin Sung Rok. And I agree, Lingerie Girls’ Generation was such a sweet and fun drama.

      Now Robber has been on my list for ages. I was primarily interested in it for Jang Hyuk who always gives memorable performances, but I’ve heard the drama as a whole is really good. I really need to get around to that one 🙂


  3. kdramachickblog says:

    I didn’t used to separate my kdrama viewing by month but figured I’d start this year so I could comment on your monthly round up 🙂 Not sure how to manage the ones that overlap but I have a few that will end next week so I’m counting them as “January”.

    My update for January:

    The Uncanny Counter – loved this more than I expected. No romance so I don’t usually watch stuff like this. I’d put in the category of better than Tale of the Nine but not as good as Flower of Evil but close! I thought it would be episodic at the beginning but very early on it was clear there was a larger story/ mystery worth following and watching the bad ass team come together to fight evil with the help of some benevolent beings was quite facinating. The school besties vs bullies early on was great as well.

    A Witch’s Romance – okay watch but fairly old school romance. Never felt the chemistry.

    Some “mini” dramas – One Fine Week and Kiss Goblin. Both were in the 15 minute per episode zone which was great for a one night binge, each series was about the length of a full length movie. The Kiss Goblin was forgettable but I absolutely loved One Fine Week and am now in the week-to-week watching of OFW 2 which is really just a re-hash of the first season but I”m still loving it – same cast.

    Please don’t date him – I tried reading up on this one as it seemed to be a regular drama but was finished in 10 episodes and felt like it was wrapped up quickly? The ratings were terrible so that’s my suspicion so if anyone knows more I’d love to hear about it. It wasn’t terrible so it’s sad to have seen it do so poorly.

    Lovestruck in the City – I hated this one at the beginning but it’s totally grown on me! I would say it’s the best of Ji Chang Wook’s 3 since his return from the miliary and initally I thought it was his worst. Short run times make it an easy watch every few days.

    Live On – only 8 eps. The only problem is the subs took forever on the final 2 eps. I think I can finally watch the last one tonight, last I checked it was 84%. It’s pretty typical high school fare with some cyber bullying, social media influencer, misunderstandings, and romance. Starts out slow but I thought picked up in the second half. Worthy watch.

    Run On – last 2 episodes this week so hoping they’re as good as the rest. It’s a bit slow so watching week to week has been way better than if I had binged. Im Siwan is new to me but I’m loving his puppy eyes and naivety against Shin Se-kyung’s more brash, sarcastic personality. They are so fantastic together. I love watching the budding romace with the second couple as well. The end of ep 11 is one of my favorite scenes so far of anything I’ve watched this year!

    True Beauty – Another one ending this week. I’m sorry, not sorry, I totally love this kdrama. It’s entered my top 20 list of faves of all time. Totally high school tropey and predictable but love it all the same! My light and fluffy bias coming through strong on this one. Cha Eun Woo’s best performance in the 3 that I’ve seen, Moon Ga Young is too cute, and Hwang In-yeop is new to me and looks like Lee Joon Ki’s younger brother so can’t help but love. The entire cast, the romance, bromance, love triangle, jealous friend, high school bullying, ugly duckling, family fun, slapstick comedy, LOTS of laughs and a few tears. Love it. Hopefully it doesn’t go sideways at the end but so far so good.

    Currently watching Mr. Queen, One Fine Week 2, and A Love so Beautiful so will add those to the February update!

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    • Kay says:

      Yay Kate! I’ll be glad to have you join the monthly round up 🙂 I usually list by what dramas I actually completed that month, but you are more than welcome to do it however you see fit. Some will include dramas if they watched most of it in that month instead 🙂

      And you have had a busy month! Pretty solid too. It’s neat that a couple dramas ended up surprising you. I’ll have to get more details from you later about The Uncanny Counter. That one was not on my list, but I keep hearing good things about it, so I may have to see if it is something I might like. Same with Please Don’t Date him. I’ve heard such mixed opinions on that one.

      I have plans for Run On. Really been missing Shin Se Kyung.

      I’ll be wrapping up Kairos and Live On soon. I did see the terrible sub situation with Live On. That’s been ridiculous! Glad you’ve enjoyed it though.

      And I love to hear how much you’re enjoying True Beauty! It’s always so wonderful to find a drama that makes it on to your faves list. That one is next up on my list, and I’m super excited for it! Mr. Queen will follow that 🙂

      I hope you’re February drama watching is fantastic! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    • Snow Flower says:

      I am watching several dramas at the same time, some of them currently airing. For my monthly update I include all the dramas I finished during the month. I am also following Mr. Queen and will include it on the February update.

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  4. MyKDramaticLife says:

    Youre busy with drama watching as always. 😊

    Haven’t come acrossed with these three dramas yet. Among the three, Kairos is on my for-sure watchlist! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  5. MyKDramaticLife says:

    Quite late but here it goes my January 2021 entries. I only finished two dramas last month: a comedy sort of coming-of-age with slight touch of fantasy, The Best Hit, and a rewatch of one of my favorite comedy dramas, Eulachacha Waikiki 2. 😊

    “JANUARY 2021 K-Dramatic Reviews”

    I decided to laugh out loud for my January 2021 entries. (Supposed to be the classic One Mom Three Dads and Waikiki 1 rewatch were included in the plan. When I got busier with Real Life).

    Fun, and quirky, but only at times. Most of the times, very slow and boring, depends on how much slowness you can take as a viewer. The comic style is nothing fresh, but Yoon Shi Yoon and his comedic timing rocks the show, and he’s more than enough reason to check out The Best Hit.
    It could have been so much better if they focused more on the musical/entertainment set-up, or more on the slice-of-life dramedy focused on the individual journey of our characters, instead of revolving only to Hyun Jae, while touching other characters’ storylines only a bit. Nevertheless, still a good watch.

    Overall Rating: 6.5/10

    *EULACHACHA WAIKIKI 2 (re-watch)
    Still fresh and very funny. I laughed myself out loud as if it’s my first time watching. Having decided to rewatch this feel-good, so very funny yet so very heartfelt drama is I think one of the best decisions I’ve done last month. Lol.
    I missed the old cast, but the new ones were still very hilarious and crazy as always. Lee Jun Ki is as amazingly crazy as in season 1. Moon Ga Young and Kim Sun Ho are a good pair of romance and comedy too. Although all the main characters are great, my personal faves are Kook Ki Bong (Shin Hyun Soo) and Cha Yoo Ri (Kim Ye Won). I cried many times for these two. 😍
    Overall, Eulachacha Waikiki 2 is still one of the best medicines for stress for me. What I appreciated in season 2 is that the writer explored more of the craziness, so that no single minute in the show bores its viewers. I totally saluted you, writer-nim! It took a very crazy mind to create such hilarious piece. Hehe.
    It’s not as crazy as season 1 though but it’s very memorable as it is to me. 😊

    OVERALL RATING: 9.5/10

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kay says:

      You got in a nice couple of dramas for January 🙂

      Yoon Shi Yoon is definitely more than enough reason to check out any drama, hehe. He was perfect the role in The Best Hit. It’s too bad you didn’t like it more. Honestly, I’m surprised the slowness didn’t bother me in it. I usually can’t tolerate slowness at all, but I guess I liked all of the characters and especially loved Yoon Shi Yoon, and the story was interesting enough that it didn’t get to me in this case. It’s a rare happening.

      And I agree, Eulachacha Waikiki 2 (and 1) are great medicine for stress. I occasionally re-watch some of my favorite scenes from them because they are so funny. It definitely holds up upon re-watch 🙂


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