Best Korean Dramas of 2020 - Seo Ye Ji, Kim Soo Hyun, Lee Joon Gi, Moon Chae Won, Lee Dong Wook, Jo Bo Ah, Yoon Shi Yoon, Nam Joo Hyuk, Suzy, Kim Go Eun, Lee Min Ho, Nam Ji Hyun, Lee Joon Hyuk, Moon Ga Young, Kim Dong Wook, Jin Se Yeon, Kim Min Kyu, Kim Hee Sun, Joo Won, Ha Suk Jin, Im Soo Hyang, Ji Soo, Go Sung Hee, Yoon Hyun Min, Hwang Jung Eum, Park So Dam, Park Bo Gum, Kim Kang Woo, Jo Yeo Jung, Hyun Bin, Son Ye Jin

Well, 2020 has certainly been a year!  It has been a challenge for people across the world as we all live through unprecedented times.  Thankfully, one bit of normalcy in many of our lives was Korean dramas. Me included.

This is the time of year that we reflect back on all of the dramas we enjoyed, and in many ways, it was a different experience this year. I did get in fewer dramas than normal because it was such a crazy year, but I was consistently watching, just my pace was a bit slower.

I had to be more selective than ever in choosing which dramas to watch, and that was no easy task! Although my watch list is still ridiculously long, I still think I did pretty well overall and got in a great variety of dramas. I still thoroughly enjoyed connecting with all of you through our love of kdramas, and I truly cherish the wonderful interactions we had together.

So now, we see the list! This list includes all of the dramas that I watched which aired and concluded their runs in 2020. We are going to be counting down my favorite dramas from least to most favorite. It was another year with no real duds and some truly wonderful dramas. Full reviews are available for all of them.

As always, this is completely my opinion on these dramas, and it does not reflect Korean or international ratings or the popularity of any particular drama among fans. Be sure to hang around for the grand total of how many new and old dramas I watched at the end of the article 🙂


CHIP-IN is a classic Agatha Christie style who-did-it murder mystery. It has a straight-forward set-up with a family with a whole lot of issues coming together for a birthday dinner for the head of the family. Then there’s a murder and an investigation ensues.

It doesn’t do anything revolutionary, but it executes things fairly well. A simple murder does blossom into a much more intricate story as the drama progresses. The characters weren’t particularly likable, and this was not a drama that had me anxiously awaiting to go on to the next episode, but it still held my interest for the most part. Overall, it presented a decent murder mystery story.
My Rating: 6/10 (CHIP-IN Review)

18. Meow, the Secret Boy

Meow, the Secret Boy was an okay watch that I ended up having mixed feelings towards. It’s a cute show overall with a side of angst to round things out. The story is decent but quite basic being centered around a cat who can transform into a human and what ensues as he lives a double life trying to be with her.

There’s a bit of fun with the cat having to adjust to human life, some emotional baggage the characters have to deal with, and a complicated romance. The drama is on the slow side and kind of moseys along. The story progresses, but it just wasn’t the kind of show that had me itching to go onto the next episode right away. It was a decent watch for the most part though.
My Rating: 6/10 (Meow, the Secret Boy Review)

17. Train

Well, Train was another mixed bag for me. There were things I liked and things I didn’t like. The positives were that I enjoyed the overarching mystery thriller story, the sci-fi parallel worlds concept, and Yoon Shi Yoon gave a wonderful performance like he always does.

The main negative was the drama’s investigative style of storytelling, particularly in the first half, which really wasn’t to my tastes resulting in a bit of boredom. The drama gains momentum as it goes though and gets better in the second half. It had enough going for it that I’m glad I did stick around for it.
My Rating: 6.5/10 (Train Review)

16. Crash Landing On You

Crash Landing On You was a hit drama that was popular among fans and set all kinds of new records. I didn’t love it quite to the extent of most, but it was a still a good watch for me.

I liked the unique premise of a South Korean woman getting stranded in North Korea and being aided by a soldier. We get an emotional star-crossed romance between Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin that was filled with laughter and tears as they went on a difficult journey together.

Due to its very long episodes, the drama did have a lot of plot filler with the overall pacing suffering as a whole. While the story itself was quite good, it felt like the plot sort of moseyed along and lost some steam in parts.

But overall, Crash Landing On You did have a good mix of romance and humor along with a more serious plot. There are plenty of swoon-worthy moments and lots of feels to be had which results in plenty to enjoy with this one.
My Rating: 7/10 (Crash Landing On You Review)

15. Woman of 9.9 Billion

Woman of 9.9 Billion is a crazy, over-the-top makjang style crime melo which is a genre I tend to really like. There are some really interesting morally grey and bad characters going after a large sum of money.

The first half of the drama was the best since it was totally crazy with great pacing and plenty of new plot developments happening along with some fun twists and turns. Things get pretty intense!

The second half settles down a bit into more of a catch the bad guy situation and loses a bit of steam as a whole. Logic stretches and convenient plot devices abound too. Even then, it was still a good watch and took some interesting turns. So as a whole, Woman of 9.9 Billion was a solid drama.
My Rating: 7/10 (Woman of 9.9 Billion Review)

14. Alice

For the most part I enjoyed Alice, but that comes with some major caveats. First, the positives. The most important things to me in a drama are an engaging story, interesting characters, and good pacing. The drama had these things so I was always entertained and never bored.

But the drama was so messy, particularly the mechanics of the time travel story which worsened as it progressed, that it definitely had an overall effect because it was glaringly obvious that the show didn’t have a solid grasp on what it was doing. Thankfully, I realized early on that you really just kind of have to go with a show like this and not take it too seriously. Despite some massive flaws, it was a pretty fun ride.
My Rating: 7/10 (Alice Review)

13. Record of Youth

Record of Youth was a pretty nice drama. It has lots of heart as we follow the journeys of our characters on their road to achieve their dreams and navigate a variety of relationships. The romance was very sweet, and I really liked Park Bo Gum and Park So Dam together.

I found the drama to have a calming feel to it with more laid back pacing. It has an almost slice of life sort of vibe to it. The story is very character focused as it deals with careers, romance, and family issues.

The first two-thirds of the drama are very angst light and fun while the latter third was more serious and got a bit draggy. It kind of lost some steam in the end, but I was still interested to see how everything ultimately played out. For the most part, Record of Youth was a solid drama.
My Rating: 7.5/10 (Record of Youth Review)

12. Mystic Pop-Up Bar

Mystic Pop-Up Bar Korean Drama - Hwang Jung Eum, Yook Sung Jae, Choi Won Young

Mystic Pop-Up Bar was a very solid supernatural drama that creates an entertaining world involving the afterlife, ghosts, and lots of other fun stuff. It was a bit on the episodic side with a woman running a mysterious pop-up bar and helping different people with their problems each episode, but the individual stories were great and full of emotion.

The overarching story was good too and builds nicely throughout the drama towards a satisfying conclusion. We also get a wonderful performance from one of my favorite actresses, Hwang Jung Eum, as well as our two leading men, Yook Sung Jae and Choi Won Young.

Mystic Pop-Up Bar is a great watch with it’s mix of humor, fun, heart, and emotion that was wrapped up in a quirky supernatural package. An enjoyable drama for sure.
My Rating: 7.5/10 (Mystic Pop-Up Bar Review)

11. 365: Repeat the Year

365 Repeat the Year Korean Drama - Lee Joon Hyuk, Nam Ji Hyun, Kim Jee Soo

365: Repeat the Year is a mystery time travel thriller that quickly hooked me as it whisked a group of desperate people back in time to change their lives. Of course, nothing is ever easy, and they soon begin dying off. We then get a complex mystery to unravel with plenty of thrills and a story that is woven together quite nicely and has many layers to peel back.

365: Repeat the Year is a great watch if you’re looking for mystery and suspense. There are also lots of twists and unexpected turns. If you like time travel, it’s even better. While the drama didn’t give me a ton of feels, I quite enjoyed all of the thrills and seeing a well-written mystery play out with a unique spin on the time travel genre.
My Rating: 7.5/10 (365: Repeat the Year Review)

10. My Holo Love

My Holo Love Korean Drama - Yoon Hyun Min and Go Sung Hee

My Holo Love was a nice and enjoyable drama. It’s the exact kind of story I’m into with the sci-fi/AI concept mixed in with romance. It’s a fairly straightforward drama with the main focus in the first half being on one woman’s relationships with a hologram and his creator.

Then the more serious plot running involving some bad guys coming after the AI technology begins to takeover in the second half. It was also a very touching story of a very lonely man and woman going on a journey of growth and realizing that they deserve to be loved.

Overall, My Holo Love had a lot of good elements. It had a great AI concept with interesting characters, personal journeys of growth, romance, and some baddies causing problems. It was a nice mix that kept things interesting all the way through.
My Rating: 7.5/10 (My Holo Love Review)

9. The King: Eternal Monarch

The King: Eternal Monarch was a fun watch for me. The story of parallel worlds with one being the Korean Empire and the other the Republic of Korea was an interesting one. It was great to see Lee Min Ho back and paired with Kim Go Eun too.

I usually have a similar experience with Kim Eun Sook’s dramas. I always love the grand plots and world building with intriguing stories to explore. I tend to find the humor on the dry side, which is not my favorite, and the characters are very matter-of-fact at times. The finer details are a little rocky too. This particular drama tried to do a bit to much and had lots of plot holes.

The grand stories and high stakes romances tend to outweigh those things for me though. So with an interesting story, a big romance, a good writer, and solid production, The King: Eternal Monarch was a very entertaining watch.
My Rating: 7.5/10 (The King: Eternal Monarch Review)

8. Queen: Love and War

Queen Love and War Korean Drama - Kim Min Kyu and Jin Se Yeon

Queen: Love and War was a solid drama overall that I mostly enjoyed. I wouldn’t put it in the exceptional category, but it has a steady pace that slowly builds and gets better as it goes. I like when a drama is able to consistently raise the stakes.

A mystery is set up in the beginning with a murder attempt and then slowly peels back the layers of the plot.  Then we get an interesting power struggle and lots of plotting. Scheming baddies abound in this one.

We also had a great main couple in Jin Se Yeon and Kim Min Kyu. They were interesting characters that faced a lot of challenges, but they also shared a lovely romance that we got to see play out. Overall, Queen: Love and War was a great watch.
My Rating: 7.5/10 (Queen: Love and War Review)

7. When I Was the Most Beautiful

When I Was the Most Beautiful Korean Drama - Ha Suk Jin, Im Soo Hyang, Ji Soo

When I Was the Most Beautiful is the definition of an angsty melodrama. It’s incredibly soapy and filled with tropes. And I thoroughly enjoyed it! This is not going to be a drama for everyone though. It has a serious love triangle that is complicated on so many levels. Of course, when is two brothers being in love with the same woman ever not complicated?

This story is not really a happy one, and our main characters are quite tortured throughout the drama. They face so many difficult challenges as well as not always making the best decisions. This is not a fairy tale, and the relationships are extremely messy.

When I Was the Most Beautiful is an incredibly emotional watch that is filled with angst and heartbreak. It’s a long, torturous road for our characters, and we get a front seat to it all. It’s not a happy journey, but it’s a poignant one that left an impression.
My Rating: 8/10 (When I Was the Most Beautiful Review)

6. Tale of the Nine-Tailed

Tale of the Nine-Tailed Korean Drama - Lee Dong Wook and Jo Bo Ah

Tale of the Nine-Tailed is the kind of show that is right up my alley. The fantasy romance elements are strong along with an interesting mystery and plenty of thrills. The drama had a strong opening that drew me into an engaging story. The pacing and plot developments were then good throughout the series.

Lee Dong Wook and Jo Bo Ah were a fun couple with a big romance that spanned centuries. It was a great relationship to watch play out. Kim Bum was also fantastic as one of the villains, and his love/hate bromance with Lee Dong Wook was very entertaining.

Overall, I greatly enjoyed Tale of the Nine-Tailed. Dramas like this are my bread and butter. It’s always great to see shows like this come together so nicely and treat the audience to such a fun story.
My Rating: 8/10 (Tale of the Nine-Tailed Review)

5. Find Me in Your Memory

Find Me in Your Memory Korean Drama - Kim Dong Wook and Moon Ga Young

Find Me in Your Memory really was such a nice surprise, and I really enjoyed it. It had all of the ingredients I tend to like in a drama with a romance, a good back story that has lots of affects on the present happenings, a good mix of humor and serious, and some very engaging and emotional character journeys.

Kim Dong Wook and Moon Ga Young also had some really fantastic chemistry as well as such a naturalness and ease with each other. Their romance as a whole was very touching.

I loved the whole feel of the drama with its melancholy atmosphere. It was a romance that had a mixture of melo, humor, and thrills that all came together very nicely. I’m so glad I took a chance on this one and was able to enjoy such a well done story.
My Rating: 8/10 (Find Me in Your Memory)

4. Psychopath Diary

Psychopath Diary hooked me immediately with its unique twist of a pushover thinking he’s a serial killer. The drama leans towards the comedic side, but the comedy and thriller elements are integrated well and stay nicely balanced throughout the series. The comedy is a bit dark at times, but it’s so absurd that you can’t help but laugh at how ridiculous the scenarios are.

Yoon Shi Yoon was absolutely hilarious with his wannabe serial killer shenanigans and really brought the series to life. We also had excellent performances from our real serial killer, Park Sung Hoon, as well as our dedicated police officer, Jung In Sun.

The pacing was great which kept the drama engaging all the way through. There are some nice little twists and surprises throughout too. Psychopath Diary was a whole lot of fun that made me laugh a lot. It’s always great to come across such a fresh concept and see it executed so well.
My Rating: 8.5/10 (Psychopath Diary Review)

3. Start-Up

Start-Up Korean Drama - Nam Joo Hyuk and Suzy

I had high hopes for Start-Up because it comes from one of my favorite writers, and she is known for creating worlds filled with wonderful, well-rounded characters and incredibly heart-warming stories. Thankfully, it was another highly enjoyable drama!

On paper, the premise for the show doesn’t sound all that interesting, but I pinned my hopes on the writer and the fantastic cast. It had all of the elements I love with lovable main characters and supporting ones, great character journeys, and an engaging story. Watching all that the characters had to go through to achieve their dreams of creating successful companies was fun to watch.

The romance between Nam Joo Hyuk and Suzy was sweet and meaningful. I got so many feels! Start-Up was such a wonderful drama. It was full of heart and lots of emotion. The drama left me feeling very full and content in the end.
My Rating: 9/10 (Start-Up Review)

2. Flower of Evil

Flower of Evil is the Lee Joon Gi and Moon Chae Won drama that we deserved! The reunion between this duo was everything I could have hoped for and more. These two talented actors wowed me with their amazing performances and wonderful chemistry. This was a complex romance that took us on a roller coaster of emotions.

The story was filled with suspense as well as in depth character exploration. There are plenty of surprising plot developments along with some great cliff hangers. The soundtrack also really enhanced the drama. Mystery, heart, and thrills all came together to make for a highly enjoyable ride.
My Rating: 9/10 (Flower of Evil Review)

And the #1 drama of 2020 is…

1. It’s Okay to Not Be Okay

It's Okay to Not Be Okay Korean Drama - Kim Soo Hyun and Seo Ye Ji

Wow! It’s Okay to Not Be Okay is a masterpiece! It hooked me right from the start, and then I was glued to my seat all the way through. This is one of those special shows that captures your heart and takes you on an emotional journey that leaves you changed when you are through.

The drama is like a dark, modern fairy tale with a magical quality to it in the way the story is told. The script was so incredibly well-written with every line of dialogue having meaning. A lot of thought also went into the production with so much attention to detail in constructing the sets as well as how the scenes were shot. All of these elements blended together beautifully to carry us away into this slightly disturbing yet very healing fairy tale.

We had a powerhouse trio at the center of this story with Kim Soo Hyun, Seo Ye Ji, and Oh Jung Se. I can’t praise their acting enough. The romance, the brotherly relationship, and so many other wonderful relationships were explored.

This is a heart-wrenching yet beautiful story of growth and healing. The characters are flawed, but we come to understand them and root for their personal growth and happiness. They don’t have to be perfect to achieve that either. Love and acceptance can be found in imperfection. This is a truly special drama that is not to be missed.
My Rating: 10/10 (It’s Okay to Not Be Okay Review)

Other Dramas I Completed in 2020

As a year end review, here is a list of the older Korean dramas that I completed this year. Full reviews for each drama are available by clicking on the drama title. Here they are broken into categories depending on how much I liked them with each category listing the dramas alphabetically:


When the Camellia Blooms

When the Camellia Blooms Korean Drama - Kang Ha Neul and Gong Hyo Jin


To. Jenny

To Jenny Korean Drama - Kim Sung Chul and Jung Chae Yeon


I Do, I Do

I Picked Up a Celebrity on the Street

I Picked Up a Celebrity on the Street Korean Drama - Sung Hoon and Kim Ga Eun

My Little Baby

My Little Baby Korean Drama - Oh Ji Ho


I Wanna Hear Your Song

I Wanna Hear Your Song Korean Drama - Yeon Woo Jin and Kim Se Jeong

Kill It

Kill It Korean Drama - Jang Ki Yong and Nana

You Drive Me Crazy

You Drive Me Crazy Korean Drama - Kim Seon Ho and Lee Yoo Young

That ends up being 19 new dramas and 8 other dramas for a grand total of 27 dramas! Definitely not as impressive as previous years, but I would say it’s still pretty good. I’m so glad I had dramas to enjoy during the difficult year that was 2020. The time has now come to move forward, and I hope we have many wonderful dramas to look forward to as well as a better year for everyone in 2021.

How was 2020 for you?  What were your favorite dramas of the year?

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30 responses to “Best Korean Dramas of 2020”

  1. Snow Flower Avatar
    Snow Flower


    I wholeheartedly agree with your choice of top 3 dramas of 2020! I would probably come up with same order. Other 2020 dramas I enjoyed were Kingdom Season 2, Hospital Playlist, and My Unfamiliar Family.

    As for older dramas I watched and enjoyed this year, I was very impressed with Save Me, A Moment at Eighteen, and Because This Is My First Life.

  2. Snow Flower Avatar
    Snow Flower

    And here are my guilty pleasures: My Holo Love, Lie After Lie, and Zombie Detective. These dramas are not masterpieces, and probably are not going to win any awards, but I still found them fresh and addictive.

    1. Kay Avatar

      Yay! How fun that we both loved It’s Okay to Not Be Okay, Flower of Evil, and Start-Up so much 🙂 Truly wonderful dramas! And I also quite enjoyed My Holo Love. It was just such a sweet drama.

      I still need to check out several of your other favorites like Lie After Lie, Zombie Detective, and My Unfamiliar Family. My list still has sooo many dramas! lol. I’m glad you enjoyed so many great dramas this year too 🙂

  3. Timescout Avatar

    I’ve watched only one of all those dramas you mentioned. 😂

    I haven’t yet counted my “dramas watched” for this year but I bet it’s going to be a very small number, ha. Most of the dramas I’ve finished are most likely Chinese. Somehow they just seem suit me better these days.

    1. Kay Avatar

      If I recall, Mystic Pop-Up Bar right? We usually have one drama that we both enjoyed each year 😂 It’s good that you’ve found more success with cdramas these days though. Doesn’t matter which country as long as you’re finding some to enjoy 🙂

  4. gianma09 (@gianma09) Avatar
    gianma09 (@gianma09)

    When I started this journey into the world of Kdrama I was looking for some recommendation
    and fortunately, I visited your site and since 2016 I’m looking forward to your “Best Korean Drama of the year” and also your Reviews.
    Dear Kay, you and your blog became the guide of which drama to watch, as I said last year I’m really grateful for your recommendation such as Money Flower, Entertainer, King of Baking, Kim Tak Gu, etc. Thanks a lot.
    Then I also would like to share all the drama that I’ve watched this year, and share my list, it will not be a classical Ranking.
    (A drama with a ” * ” means that I loved this drama even if the rating is not a perfect score because it’s hard for me to give a 10/10)

    – Psychopath Diary (7/10);

    – Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim (8/10) [If the first season I considered it as one of the best medical Korean drama of all time, unfortunately, this season was less “memorable” than the first one. But it’s still a great drama and I enjoyed it.] ;

    – Itaewon Class (7.5/10);

    – Crashlanding on you (7/10);

    – The World of Married (9/10)* [Even though it was a remake from an English tv Series, this was extraordinary, it deserved to have the highest rating in history for a cable drama, 28.371% Nationwide. Congrats.] ;

    – It’s okay not to be okay (10/10) [This Drama became the second drama that I gave 10/10***, the other one is REPLY 1988. This was really a masterpiece, I happen to rewatch also “My love from the star” and changed the vote I gave on “my Kdrama book” from 6.5/10 to 8/10 and I was surprised I gave such a low vote for that drama I mean Jun Ji Hyun (one of my queen Korean actress) and also Kim Soo-Hyun were the stars that starred in this drama, how could I give such a low vote if two of my favorite actors are present there? Anyway, this was an extraordinary journey. I will watch it again in the future];

    – Black Dog (9/10)* [I dropped this drama towards the second half not because I didn’t like it, but because I didn’t have time to watch it, fortunately, I finished it, and oh boy, what a great Drama, Seo Hyun-Jin is, along with Jun Ji-Hyun, one of my favorite Korean actresses and she was great in this drama, I didn’t watch any teasers, trailers about this drama, I only read the synopsis and I was curious, I think this is the first Korean Drama that is set in a school but the main characters are the teachers and it was able to show the struggles of their job, their relationship between their coworkers, students, and the parents, I really enjoyed it and I was surprised to see some of the most memorable and most meaningful scenes of this year.];

    – Hot stove league (9/10)* [Another great Kdrama that aired in the first part of the year, along with Black Dog, Diary of Prosecutor, Dr. Romantic 2, this was also another particular Korean Drama, it was a sport Kdrama but the main characters were the management team of a baseball team. Namgoong Min was the star of this drama, he’s done a great job. And I loved how he was able to turn the less favorable team of the league into one of the most promising];

    – Hi, bye mama (6.5/10);

    – Backstreet rookie (5.5/10) [This along with Record of Youth (argh) was the biggest disappointment of the year. Sad. It was really bizarre to see Ji Chang Wook working with Kim You-Jung as the main leads, and the result was evident, I liked a lot the comedy parts, but the romantic scenes between the two main leads were cringing, but the staff and the production team were aware of this, especially after receiving many complaints from different social groups, that the last scene was shot in that way, I was relieved, that’s why even though I gave a low rating I still gave a much higher vote than “Record of Youth” ];

    – Flower of Evil (8/10) [OMG, How could Lee Joon-Gi portrait an emotionless character but at the same time being able to display so many emotions, feelings? HOW? He was surely the best actor of the year for me. He was great and Moon Chae-Won, she was beautiful. Every episode was epic and well-directed. I thought this is such a great Kdrama what would be that thing that could upgrade the quality of this drama? And then Kim Ji-Hoon appeared and with his acting, the tide of the plot changed drastically and omg what a freak and scary character, I s*ited out of my pants when he woke up suddenly after her mother tried to do something bad to him, his eyes were so wide open and it gave me goosebumps that lasted for an entire episode and the soundtrack didn’t help to calm me down because it was such chilling music. Amazing drama];

    – Stranger 2/ Secret of forest 2 (8/10) [The quality of this second season was the same as the first one. This series is surely one of the best Legal Kdrama];

    – Record of youth (2/10) [As I said below your review, 2 are An Jeong-Ha and the grandfather, that’s it. I was annoyed ALL THE TIME and the worse part, along with the story, the characters, etc. was that EVERY SINGLE CAMEO THAT WE SAW IN THIS DRAMA, such as the cameos of Kim Hye-Yoon, Seo Hyun-Jin, Kang Han-Na, Park Seo-Joon, Lee Sung-Kyung, Hyeri, and etc. WERE USELESS that the only purpose for their scenes was to show to other TV stations and viewers that we, TVN and Pan Entertainment, have money to hire a lot of stars that we can use in pointless scenes. I hated it. Ha Myung-Hee needs to write a good drama for her next project because if her next drama will have the same quality as this one, but also as Doctors and Temperature of Love, she will become the first Korean writer that I hate, she really needs to write some good drama because I will not tolerate her in the future];

    – 18 again (7.5/10) [If Lee Joon Gi and Kim Soo-Hyun are the best actors of the year, Lee Do-Hyun wins as the best new actor of the year. He was fantastic. I think this would have been my favorite comedy-drama of the year if Kim Ha-Neul didn’t act in that way, she was stiff as a stick of wood and her expressions were weird I didn’t enjoy her acting, and I was looking for it because she is considered one of the most iconic actress of her generation, weird. But aside from her, this was really a great comedy, I enjoyed every single comedy scenes, the scenes between Lee Do-Hyun and his children, but also with his father were so warm-hearted that I even cried, they did a great job.] ;

    – Start-Up (8/10) [If Ha Myung-Hee is my least favorite writer, Park Hye-Ryun is surely one of my favorite writers, not only she wrote some of my favorite drama, such as Pinocchio, I can hear your voice, While you were sleeping, but she knows how to write a good drama. I think here Nam Joo-Hyuk portrayed his most complete character, he was great in his comedic scenes as well as in his dramatic scenes. His character was well written, not only him but every single one. But I think the biggest surprise was Kim Sun-Ho and I was really happy to see him here and being recognized by many, he deserved it.];

    2020 is undoubtedly a difficult year for everyone but I’m glad I was able to watch such a lot of great Korean dramas, unfortunately, I dropped much Korean drama, such as The tale of the nine tails, Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol, Diary of Prosecutor (another great Korean drama, I recommend it), etc. because I don’t have time to watch them, but I will finish them. Anyway, now I want to put on the podium my favorites k-drama of the year:

    First Place: It’s okay not to be okay;
    Second places: Black Dog, The World of Married and Hot stove league;
    Third places: Flower of evil.

    I know it’s strange but this was my favorite Korean drama of the year overall. I think this is one of the most iconic years for us. I considered 2013-14 & 2016 the most memorable ones because many Korean Dramas aired such as Pinocchio, The Heirs, W-Two World, DOTS, Goblin, etc.
    I hope next year will bring us many more Korean Drama and I hope we will overcome this crisis.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone.

    1. Kay Avatar

      I’m sooo glad that you found your way to this site too! It really makes me so happy that you’ve been able to find some great dramas to enjoy through the reviews and guides 🙂 I think we both have lots of love for dramas like Money Flower, Entertainer, and King of Baking Kim Tak Gu 🙂

      And you have a great list for this year too! You had an interesting mix of those you loved, thought were okay, and didn’t like. I’m loving that 10 for It’s Okay to Not Be Okay 😍 A wonderful top drama of the year for us both. Also glad to see that Flower of Evil and Start-Up both had high scores also.

      I do still plan to check out several you completed including World of the Married, Backstreet Rookie, Itaewon Class, and Hi Bye Mama.

      2020 definitely was a hard year, but it did give us some great dramas. Ah, 2016 was one of my absolute favorite drama years! Soooo many amazing dramas, and I gave out lots of good scores that year 🙂

      I hope next year is better for all of too as well as bring a lot more wonderful kdramas 🙂

      Merry Christmas!

  5. kissingsun Avatar

    Ooh good list! my top are:
    1. Itaewon Class (watched it twice)
    2. It’s ok not to be ok
    3. Stranger (season 2)
    4. Psychopath Diary
    5. Her private life
    6. Kingdom s2

    1. Kay Avatar

      Nice top list! 🙂 I too greatly enjoyed It’s Okay to Not Be Okay, Psychopath Diary, and Her Private Life. I still have Itaewon Class on watch list. Hopefully, I eventually get to it 😂

  6. kfangurl Avatar

    Gosh, is it time to think about a year in review already?? 😱😝 You really are ahead of the curve, finishing yours so early!! Congrats! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 I haven’t done a tally, but I probably watched fewer dramas this year as well.. And I am definitely behind, since I’ve only just started watching Start-Up! So I’m putting my year-in-review off for at least a little bit longer, in hopes that I will have made a little more progress by then. 😅 I enjoyed your top 2 picks as well. IOTNBO is one of the best from this year for sure! 🤩

    1. Kay Avatar

      It is already that time! 😂 Haha, the Big List post always gets my full attention in December.

      Yes, I have been sooo behind this year too! I usually get in closer to 40 dramas, but this year really threw me for a loop, and I just couldn’t get in near as many. Just awful as there are so many I still want to watch! lol

      It’s Okay to Not Be Okay and Flower of Evil were a couple to truly amazing dramas. I’m happy you enjoyed them a lot too 🙂

      Ah yes, Start-Up definitely needs to make it on to your year in review. I’ll definitely be looking forward to it. It always helps me get a brief overview of some the dramas still on my watch list and if I should reprioritize them 🙂

      1. kfangurl Avatar

        I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to finish Start-Up before I have to post the year-in-review.. but hopefully I’ll at least have a clearer idea of how well I’m liking it, for the in-progress section..! 😅

        1. Kay Avatar

          The drama is fairly consistent all the way through, so if you make it at least halfway, I’m sure you’ll have a good idea of what you think 🙂

  7. MyKDramaticLife Avatar

    Great job, dear Kay! 👏

    Well I wont give my YE update yet because I still have to finish at least another two dramas to include in the least: Saimdang and maybe Spies or My Sassy Girl.
    From your 2020 drama list, I only have watched 10 out of 19. And I also really really liked It’s Okay to Not be Okay, Flower of Evil. And I loved Psychopath Diary and Start Up.
    Havent done my listing yet, but Ive finished around 55 to 60 dramas this yr, with 28 or 29 2020 dramas.

    It was definitely one restless yet satisfying and enjoyable kdrama year for me. 😊

    Will share you my list once Im done with the remaining two dramas.

    1. Kay Avatar

      I’ll definitely be looking forward to your year end update 🙂 I knew you would have an impressive number of dramas this year, and it sounds like I was right! 😂 You were very busy. We both did have a lot of love for dramas like It’s Okay to Not Be Okay, Flower of Evil, Start-Up, and Psychopath Diary. That’s the top of my list right there! Drama-wise, we had a pretty good year 🙂

  8. snow Avatar

    27 is a very good number! And great that you could catch up on older shows as well.
    Dramas were definitely something comforting in this difficult year.

    I agree with most of your comments for the dramas we both watched. The shows I loved: A piece of your mind, It’s okay to not be, Kairos, Itaewon class.
    I’m currently watching my 9th kdrama of the year, Hospital playlist and i think this will fall under love category.

    1. Kay Avatar

      I do always like to get in at least a few older ones 🙂 It sounds like you had a decent drama year too. I still need to watch a few off your list like Kairos, A Piece of Your Mind, and Itaewon Class. I was definitely glad to have some normalcy in kdramas this year! 🙂

  9. almiaramos Avatar

    To be honest, this year the offer did not satisfy me. I had a lot of deceptions, for example Nine Tail fox. I make special mention of Itawon Class, it was a good offer.
    Maybe it’s that I need to take a break from the Korean drama offering and come back later with a fresh mind. A friend says saturation. 🙂

    1. Kay Avatar

      Aww, I’m sorry to hear this year wasn’t so great for you drama-wise 🙁 We all have some really good years and some not so great ones. It’s good you at least had an enjoyable experience with Itaewon Class though. I still need to watch that one.

      And you might be right about the break. I recommend a break if all other strategies to get out of a drama slump fail. A break really helps clear the mind, hopefully eventually want to see dramas again, and then having things feel fresher when you get back. I hope you find a good strategy that works for you and enjoy whatever kind of show your watching 🙂

  10. Fred Avatar

    Good job Kay! As always! How do you even watch 27 dramas? LOL. I watched only a few new ones this year. I was just on a re-watching spree since I couldn’t seem to find dramas that interest me.

    We have the same Top 2 for this year. Of course that is not surprising! You are my reliable go-to kdrama reviewer (is this the right term? LOL). Start-Up and Psychopath Diary are both on my watch-list. Just waiting for the right mood. I am only getting excited about 2020 kdramas now that we are approaching 2021. Thanks to your list. LOL. A number of good kdramas seemed to have evaded my radar.

    I hope you get to watch more amazing kdramas next year Kay!

    1. Kay Avatar

      Thank you Fred! Haha, it was hard to get in that 27 this year, and that was a downgrade 😂 Nothing wrong with re-watching old faves though. It’s all about watching what you enjoy 🙂

      Yay that we have the same top 2! It’s Okay to Not Be Okay and Flower of Evil are truly wonderful dramas. Hopefully, you have good luck with Start-Up. Start-Up has many of the qualities we would expect from a Park Hye Ryun. Psychopath really comes down to taste, so I’m curious what you will think of that one. I loved them both though.

      I hope some of the dramas still on your watch list win you over. We both deserve more 10’s! (and Scarlet Heart! 🤣)

  11. Kate Avatar

    Hi Kay,
    Love your list! I think I’ve watched about 50 this year which seems crazy to me but it’s been the kind of year where living in kdrama land has definitley helped me make it through the real world. I think I might be on board with others in responses to adding Itaewon Class to the list and for me Do you Like Brahms was more enjoyable than I was expecting. Looking forward to a more positive 2021!!

    1. Kay Avatar

      Wow! Congrats on the 50 dramas 🙂 It seemed like this year either had people watching more dramas than usual or less depending on circumstances. Sadly, I fell into the less which had really done my watch list zero favors! I missed so many dramas! Both Itaewon Class and Do You Like Brahms are the list though. We’ll see how many I can get through. And I agree, let’s hope for a more positive 2021 with many more wonderful dramas 🙂

  12. […] In addition to this, don’t miss out on the big list of my favorite dramas of the year in my Best Korean Dramas of 2020 post, but now we bring attention to some of my favorite performances and dramas in each genre. As […]

  13. MyKDramaticLife Avatar

    As promised, here is mine. 😀

    “Best Korean Dramas of 2020”

    27. A Piece of Your Mind (6) (just boring for me. lol)
    26. Find Me in Your Memory (6.5)
    25. World of the Married (6.5)
    24. The King: Eternal Monarch (7)
    23. Woman of 9.9 Billion (7)
    22. The School Nurse Files (7) (I would have enjoyed it more if I have more open mind like others. Haha)
    21. She Knows Everything (7.5)
    20. Train (7.5) (YSY is just damn hot here 😍)
    19. To All the Guys Who Loved Me (7.5) (could have been better drama)
    18. Oh My Baby (7.5)
    17. Black Dog (7.5) (an unusual school drama featuring teachers)
    16. Sweet Munchies (7.5)
    15. Crash Landing on You (8) (another damn hot performance from dearest Hyun Bin)
    14. Hospital Playlist 1 (8) (lovers of Reply series will surely love this one too)
    13. Kingdom 2 (well season 1 is gorier and scarier than 2, but still enjoyed it)
    12. 365: Repeat the Year (8.5)
    11. Flower of Evil (8.5)
    10. Tell Me What You Saw (8.5)
    9. Eccentric Chef Moon (8.5) (Eric is definitely hot in here too. 😍)
    8. Mystic Pop Up Bar (8.5) (havent expected much from this show. But Hwang Jung Eum is stunning and fantastic as always 😊)
    7. Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim 2 (8.5) (I wanted more medical dramas like this. Just heartfelt.)
    6. It’s Okay to Not be Okay (9) (Moon Gang Tae. Moon Sang Tae. Ko Mon Young. 😍)
    5. Backstreet Rookie (9) (definitely not everyone’s style of romcom. But it made me cry and laugh at the same episodes so many times.)
    4. Start-Up (9) (INSPIRATION AWARD goes to this one. #TeamDoSanForever. 😍 HAHA.)
    3. Psychopath Diary (9) (amazing performance by YSY, and a very crazy plot story. Definitely enjoyable!)
    2. When the Weather is Fine (9) (silent but heartbreaking, calm yet beautiful. I just loved this show.)
    1. Itaewon Class (9.5) (I always feel proud to have watched Itaewon. It wasn’t on my watchlist when it aired. So thankful to the buzzes of its avid viewers, I got to see this wonderfully-made Itaewon Class. 😍😍😍)

    23 OTHER DRAMAS I finished this year:

    •Vagabond (10) (seriously? Where is the season 2? 😔 😀)
    •49 Days (10) (I have so much for this show. 😍 Already made to my top 10 favorites)

    •The Last Empress (9.5)
    •Graceful Family (9)
    •Shining Inheritance (9)
    •Strangers from Hell (8.5)

    •Doctor John (8)
    •My ID is Gangnam Beauty (8.5)
    •Tale of Nokdu (8.5)
    •When the Camellia Blooms (8.5)
    •Boksoo’s Back (8.5)
    •Doctors (8)
    •Save the Last Dance for Me (8)
    •Couple Fantasy (8.5)
    •The Fiery Priest (7.5)

    •Mr. Sunshine (7)
    •Shine or Go Crazy (7.5)
    •Terius Behind Me (7.5)
    •The Light in Your Eyes (7.5)
    •Priests (7)
    •Moon Embracing the Sun (7.5)
    •Uncontrollably Fond (7)
    •Saimdang: Light’s Diary (7.5)

    27 new dramas and 23 older ones. A total of 50 dramas. 😊

    Restless but definitely satisfying. 😍

    To more dramas next year!


    1. Kay Avatar

      And now the big list for 2020! A whopping 50 dramas! Congrats on that 🙂

      We watched quite a few of the same dramas and share a lot of favorites like It’s Okay to Not Be Okay, Flower of Evil, Psychopath Diary, Start-Up, Mystic Pop-Up Bar, 365, and others. I still need to get in that Itaewon Class though! hehe

      You also have a great group of older dramas you completed. Vagabond, The Last Empress, Shining Inheritance, When the Camellia Blooms, My ID is Gangnam Beauty, Tale of Nokdu, Couple Fantasy, Boksoo’s Back, Uncontrollably Fond, and Shine or Go Crazy are some of my favorites from that group.

      You had a very busy year! Here’s to another busy and kdrama-filled 2021! 😄😄😄😄

  14. Roberto Aprigio Avatar
    Roberto Aprigio

    First of all, Congrats by Site, I follow his posts and analysis. I watch K Dramas with my wife and has been a amazing experience. I kind of stay responsible to search about new Kdramas, Reviews, These things 😀 Visit here is obligatory hehe Here are our list:

    10. Record of Youth
    9. Extracurricular
    8. Its Okay not Be okay
    7. Itaewon Class
    6. Alice in Borderland ( J Drama Netflix)
    5. Kingdom Season 2
    4. Stranger Season 2
    3. King: Ethernal Monarch
    2. Flower of Evil
    1.Crash Landing You

    1. Kay Avatar

      I’m glad you found this site and have been able to use it to stay up to date on kdramas 🙂

      You’ve got a nice top 10 list there! My favorites from you list were It’s Okay to Not Be Okay and Flower of Evil. I also really enjoyed The King: Eternal Monarch, Record of Youth, and Crash Landing on You. I still have plans to see Itaewon Class.

      I hope you and your wife find lots more wonderful dramas to enjoy! 🙂

  15. pensee Avatar

    thank you for introducing me to “Find me in your memories”
    I would have never watched it if not for this post! I ended up LOVING it so so much. Kim Dong Wook was absolutely fantastic!

    1. Kay Avatar

      I’m so happy to hear that this post helped point you towards Find Me in Your Memory and that you loved it too! It really is such a fantastic drama. Such a beautiful, healing romance with a nice side of thrills 🙂

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