Alice Korean Drama Reivew

Alice is a sci-fi drama about a detective (Joo Won) who struggles with feeling emotions that discovers that his mother (Kim Hee Sun) who was murdered was a time traveler. While trying to find the truth, he meets a woman who looks just like his mother, and they get involved with other time travelers from the future.

Joo Won plays Park Jin Gyum.  He suffers with a condition that makes it difficult for him to feel emotions which has caused him and his mother some trouble. His world is turned upside down when his mother is murdered, and he sets out to find her killer by becoming a detective. Along the way, he finds out there was a lot he didn’t know about his mother and what she was involved in.

Kim Hee Sun is Yoon Tae Yi who is a physics professor. She meets Jin Gyum who is confused by her resemblance to his mother. As they work to find answers, they discover time travel is possible and that it has affected both of their lives.

We round out the main cast with Yoo Min Hyuk (Kwak Shi Yang) as a time traveler who works for Alice and Kim Do Yeon (Lee Da In) who is a reporter that has been close to Jin Gyum since they were teenagers.

Anything involving time travel always gets my attention, so Alice was a must watch for me. For the most part I enjoyed the series, but that comes with some major caveats. First, the positives.

It has an interesting story presented right from the get go that makes you curious to know how time travel works, what the time travelers are trying to do, and the mystery behind it all.

The characters are also interesting, and I wanted to see how everyone was connected. The pacing for the show is also good with things moving along swiftly as well as having some decent twists and turns.

Now the problems…and there are lots of them. This drama takes some serious adjustment of expectations going in. The police work is pretty bad, the decision making is not always so great, and it has plenty of logic stretches.

Then the biggest problem is that the mechanics of the time travel story were a complete mess. The drama was already on shaky footing from pretty early on, but everything really goes off the rails in the last few episodes.

Now you all know me, I’m super forgiving of illogical stuff. I also have a big love for time travel stories which pretty much always have loopholes because it’s just the nature of the genre. I always enjoy coming up with ways to make time travel stories make as much sense as possible.

But Alice really felt like it had no idea what it was doing in the end. It mixed in time travel and multiple universes in a complicated way that the show just wasn’t able to handle. It seemed completely lost as to how everything worked as it constantly introduced new rules that frequently didn’t make sense and then threw them out the window.

Multiple times I was left just wondering why on earth certain things happened because they led nowhere. Things got pretty crazy with all sorts of random things being thrown into the story.

The ending also made no sense, and even I was left struggling to try to figure out a way to logically explain how everything happened. I honestly couldn’t. It was just a mess. And this was really such a shame because the core story and the big reveals at the end were very good. The concept was fantastic. It just seemed like the drama didn’t know how to execute things in a way that made sense. It tried to do too much which resulted in chaos. I think most people will be very disappointed with how things play out in the end.

There were a couple of other more minor issues too. I did find Jin Gyum to be a pretty bland character. His lowered expression of emotions gave him a bit of a robotic quality. This made a character with a really interesting back story and purpose feel kind of lackluster for a long while.

Joo Won was also very underutilized here for most of the drama. He does get more of a chance to shine in the latter third though. All of the craziness at least gave him the opportunity to do more with the character.

There’s also this sort of weird relationship between Jin Gyum and Tae Yi. Of course, Jin Gyum always looks at her in relation to his mother. Tae Yi on the other hand doesn’t know all of the details, and this creates a lot of moments that have a more romantic undertone to them. These were played up a fair amount, and it was just kind of weird.

Now having said all of that, I did still enjoy Alice. The most important things to me in a drama are an engaging story, interesting characters, and good pacing. The drama had these things, so I was always entertained and never bored.

But the drama was so messy, particularly towards the end, that it definitely had an overall effect because it was glaringly obvious that the show didn’t have a solid grasp on what it was doing. Thankfully, I realized early on that you really just kind of have to go with a show like this and not take it too seriously. Despite some massive flaws, it was a pretty fun ride.

My Rating: 7/10

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15 Responses to Alice Korean Drama Reivew

  1. raistlin0903 says:

    Hmm, that really is disappointing😔 I had hoped to cover this one in Korean month on my blog, but seeing this review I’m moving that one down a few spaces. As you know I also love timetravel stories, but I’m not a fan when there’s so many things that really don’t make sense. That said, there’s still enough in your review for this that makes me want to see it eventually, so you can be sure I will at some point cover it😊 Great post as always! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kay says:

      We do both love our time travel stories 🙂 It is a really fun drama overall, it just requires major suspension of logic. It takes a lot for me to be bugged by things not making sense, and this one did accomplish that though, lol. Still, the story was interesting, and I enjoyed it. Hopefully, if you give it a go, going in prepared may help 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Fyodor Karamazov says:

        The building that ‘houses’ Alice , is it merely a tv fabrication, which seems more likely or is there such a building irl, and if so what’s it used for?.
        That apart I loved this show
        Best Wishes one and all from Scotland

        Liked by 1 person

        • Kay says:

          Hmm, you know, that’s a good question, and I honestly don’t know. I too would guess it was just made for TV, but I’m not sure.

          I’m glad you loved this show though. It was a crazy ride! 😀


  2. D says:

    I really wanted to watch this one. Not sure anymore after reading your review. It’s a pity because I really like Joo Won and wanted to check this one out. I will give it a miss now.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kay says:

      You never know, you might still enjoy it. It is a lot of fun with an great concept. It was great to see Joo Won again too. It just depends how much disbelief and logic flaws you can forgive as to how much you might enjoy this one.


  3. kfangurl says:

    Time travel AND multi-universes?? This is becoming a drama trend! 😆 Now I’m glad I didn’t jump in when everyone was raving about this one.. Trying to understand TKEM is still quite recent in my memory, heh. 🤯😝 I’ve been hearing good things about Kairos though, which has some time-bendy elements, so I *might* try that one instead 😅

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kay says:

      It does seem to be a trend! And it results in making things too complicated and not being able to pull everything together, lol. I described the time/multiverse elements of TKEM as a hot mess, but honestly, Alice makes TKEM look like a work of art in that department 😂 Alice was fantastic in concept and its core story, it just tried to do way too much and got itself lost in a mess it couldn’t get out of.

      I’ve been hearing good things about Kairos too. Of course with its time elements, that one’s a must watch for me too 🙂


      • kfangurl says:

        HAHA! If this show can make TKEM’s world-building look like a work of art, I think my answer is clearer than ever, in terms of whether to try this one! 😂😂

        I’m holding my breath with Kairos, a little bit, because it’s technically early days yet, and Alice got all the raves in its early stretch too. There’s still time for Kairos to become a hot mess, if it so desires..! 🤪🤣

        Liked by 1 person

        • Kay says:

          Yeah, Alice seemed to get a similar buzz in the early days like Kairos has. As an avid lover of time travel stories, most of them do unravel a bit towards the end. I just kind of accept that since I love the genre so much. Some dramas do better than others at pulling everything together. Time travel will always inherently cause some loopholes though, it’s just a matter of how well a show can minimize that.

          I watched the drama 365: Repeat the Year earlier this year, and it did really well with actually making the time travel and the mystery make sense. The mystery was so intriguing and woven within time travel, and I thought for sure that it wouldn’t be able to explain everything, but it did remarkably well for a show heavily focused on time travel 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

  4. Niro says:

    I gave up at Ep 13 & have no regrets since. It was just too haywire despite a decent cast to pull it off. The only thing I liked was that dragonfly drone they used 🙂 Everything else was stretching it too thin, afraid.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kay says:

      Haha, you bailed at just the right time. Everything was already on thin ice up until that point, and then everything just went completely nuts after that! It was something, lol 😂


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