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Kim Se Jung Continues to Battle Insomnia in New Trailers for “Let Me Hear Your Song”

Here’s more trailers for Let Me Hear Your Song starring Yeon Woo Jin (Priest) and Kim Se Jung (School 2017). They continue with Kim Se Jung battling insomnia and all of her

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A Look at Our Couples in New Trailers for “Melo is My Nature”

New trailers are out for upcoming Korean drama Melo is My Nature (or Be Melodramatic) starring Chun Woo Hee (Argon), Jeon Yeo Bin (Live), Han Ji Eun (Twelve Nights), Gong

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Jang Hyuk and Sooyoung Offered Lead Roles in “Call It Like You See It”

Offers are out to Jang Hyuk (Bad Papa) and Sooyoung (Polyclinic Doctor) for lead roles in the new Korean drama Call It Like You See It. Call It Like You See It is a thriller about a

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Kim Jung Hyun Joins the Cast of “Crash Landing of Love”

Kim Hyun Jung (Time) has joined the cast of the new Korean drama Crash Landing of Love which is set to star Hyun Bin (Memories of the Alhambra) and Son Ye Jin’s (Pretty

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Offers are Out to Lee Dong Gun and Kim Sae Ron to Star in “Leverage”

Offers are out to Lee Dong Gun (Angel’s Last Mission: Love) and Kim Sae Ron (Mirror of the Witch) to star in the Korean remake of the American series Leverage. Leverage is about

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New Trailers Are Out for “Moment of Eighteen”

More trailers are out for the upcoming Korean drama Moment of Eighteen (or 18 Moments) starring Wanna One’s Ong Seung Woo (Idol Fever), Kim Hyang Gi (Sweet

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The Secret Life of My Secretary Korean Drama Review

The Secret Life of My Secretary is about a cold and intelligent boss (Kim Young Kwang) at a media company who constantly relies on his hot-tempered secretary (Jin Ki Joo) for

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Suspenseful 4 Minute Preview Trailer Released for “Mr. Temporary”

In case you’re still undecided about the new Korean drama Mr. Temporary (or Class of Lies) starring Yoon Kyun Sang (Clean With Passion For Now), we have a recently released

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Kim Jim Suk Joins the Cast of “When the Camellia Blooms”

Kim Ji Suk (Top Star Yoo Baek) is all set to join the cast of the upcoming Korean drama When the Camellia Blooms. Already confirmed for starring roles are Kang Ha Neul

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“Hotel Del Luna” Has Fantastic Premiere Week in Ratings

The new Korean drama Hotel Del Luna starring Yeo Jin and IU has had a fantastic premiere week in Nielsen drama ratings! Episode 1 started off with an impressive 7.3% on

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