It’s time for the Kdrama Kisses 2018 Korean Drama Awards!  If you haven’t already, be sure to check out my huge list of favorite dramas this year in my Best Korean Dramas of 2018 post. But these awards are meant to show some love to a few of my favorite performances and dramas of the year. As always, there was a lot of good stuff to choose from which made it quite difficult. But I did narrow it down to give some special attention to my favorites of 2018:

Best Actor:
Jang Hyuk (Money Flower)

Money Flower Korean Drama - Jang Hyuk

This was an incredibly tough category for me to choose. After a lot of debate, I finally went with the incredible Jang Hyuk for his role in the revenge melo Money Flower. He was absolutely perfect for the character of Pil Joo as he gave a subtle yet extremely powerful performance that commanded the screen and was utterly captivating. Just amazing!

Best Actress:
Seo Ye Ji (Lawless Lawyer)

Lawless Lawyer Korean Drama - Seo Ye Ji

Seo Ye Ji wins best actress for her role in Lawless Lawyer. She easily held her own opposite of my favorite actor Lee Joon Gi, which says a lot about her. She was perfect to play the strong willed and moral Jae Yi. She pulls you right into her character through her wonderful performance.

Best Breakout Actor:
Lee Yi Kyung (Eulachacha Waikiki)

Eulachacha Waikiki Korean Drama - Lee Yi Kyung

Lee Yi Kyung has been acting for many years and has been in a whole lot of dramas, but 2018 seemed to be a particularly good year for him with a marked increase in popularity. He had a breakout role in the comedy Eulachacha Waikiki with his absolutely hilarious performance. He followed that up with a couple more main roles that were well received. So I definitely think he deserves an award as this years Best Breakout Actor.

Best Breakout Actress:
Won Jin Ah (Just Between Lovers)

Just Between Lovers Korean Drama - Won Jin Ah

Won Jin Ah gave a lovely and moving performance in the romance melodrama Just Between Lovers. She owned the character and brought her to life in such a real and relatable way. You definitely wouldn’t know it was her first drama!

Best Romantic Comedy:
Thirty But Seventeen

Thirty But Seventeen Korean Drama - Yang Se Jong and Shin Hye Sun

Thirty But Seventeen was endearing, funny, and heartwarming to make for the perfect romantic comedy. Yang Se Jong and Shin Hye Sun were such a sweet couple with moving character journeys. It’s such a feel good drama that gives us a beautiful story of healing that delivers so much emotion and heart in the best kind of way.

Best Crime/Thriller Drama:

Return Korean Drama - Park Ki Woong, Shin Sung Rok, Bong Tae Gyu, Yoon Jong Hoon, Lee Jin Wook, Park Jin Hee

Return easily wins the crime/thriller category. This is one exciting ride with twists, turns, and lots of over the top craziness as a group of spoiled elites fall deep into a hole of lies, deception, and murder. Events were always shifting during this crazy fast paced story that had me glued to the screen!

Best Melodrama:
Money Flower

Money Flower Korean Drama - Jang Hyuk and Lee Mi Sook

Best melodrama has to go to Money Flower. In addition to Jang Hyuk’s amazing performance, the drama featured some delicious revenge, angsty goodness, and lots of twists and turns. It’s exactly what a revenge melodrama should be!

Best Historical:
Grand Prince

Grand Prince Korean Drama - Yoon Shi Yoon, Jin Se Yeon, Joo Sang Wook

I know this choice might come as a surprise considering the big contenders it was up against, but Grand Prince simply won my heart. The star crossed romance was completely swoony while the drama also gave me action, angst, and thrills. I loved the script, directing, and soundtrack too which just brought everything together for a wonderful historical.

Best Couple:
Lee Joon Gi and Seo Ye Ji (Lawless Lawyer)

Lawless Lawyer Korean Drama - Lee Joon Gi and Seo Ye Ji

Lee Joon Gi and Seo Ye Ji had to win this as they make one fantastic couple! They are beautiful together and have some seriously amazing chemistry. The romance angle was very well done in Lawless Lawyer even though it was a legal thriller. This pair was both fun yet mature, and they had an amazing rapport between them. I loved them!

Best Bromance:
Kim Jung Hyun, Lee Yi Kyung, & Son Seung Won
Eulachacha Waikiki)

Eulachacha Waikiki Korean Drama - Kim Jung Hyun, Lee Yi Kyung, Son Seung Won, Go Won Hee

Kim Jung Hyun, Lee Yi Kyung, and Son Seung Won were absolutely hilarious in the comedy Eulachacha Waikiki. This trio of friends got into all sorts of trouble which left us laughing out loud at all of the ridiculousness. But they also have plenty of heart which made them incredibly endearing. I loved this friendship!

Best Girlmance:
Park Min Young, Hwang Bo Ra, & Pyo Ye Jin
(What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim

What's Wrong With Secretary Kim Korean Drama - Park Min Young, Hwang Bo Ra, Pyo Ye Jin

The girlmance in What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim was more of a subplot, but I just loved the relationship between these girls. These work friends were all kinds of fun with some quirky personalities that always made their interactions lively.

Best Villain:
Choi Min Soo (Lawless Lawyer) 

Lawless Lawyer Korean Drama - Choi Min Soo

It was no contest that Choi Min Soo had to win best villain for his role of Ahn Oh Joo in Lawless Lawyer. He’s so intense and intimidating in a way that just jumps right through screen. He’s has a quirky side though that makes him a very interesting character. He really is the best kind of villain!

Best Kiss: 
Yang Se Jong & Shin Hye Sun – Bridge Reunion Kiss
(Thirty But Seventeen)

Thirty But Seventeen Korean Drama - Yang Se Jong and Shin Hye Sun

The Bridge Reunion Kiss in Thirty But Seventeen was easily my favorite kiss of the year. It had an emotional lead up of epic proportions filled with confessions, revelations, and relief. This all resulted in a passionate kiss that gave me all kinds of feels.

Best Costumes:
Mr. Sunshine

Mr. Sunshine Korean Drama - Lee Byung Hun and Kim Tae Ri

As with many historical dramas, Mr. Sunshine boasts some amazing costumes. But this one is unique because the vast array of costumes on display. There is traditional clothing from Joseon and Japan, western fashions, and military uniforms from several countries. There really is a lot to see and enjoy with this one!

Best Soundtrack:
Thirty But Seventeen

Thirty But Seventeen Korean Drama - Yang Se Jong, Shin Hye Sun, Ahn Hyo Seop, Ye Ji Won

Thirty But Seventeen sure did have a wonderful soundtrack. It had so many great main songs, and the OST perfectly complimented the drama. It also had a lot of wonderful background music that just livened things up. The music beautifully enhanced this great drama.

Again this year, there were a few dramas that really left their mark on me for multiple reasons. So many other wonderful shows and performances were left out though. That’s always too bad, but I am glad I got the chance to showcase some of my favorites.

So who were your favorite actors and what were your favorite dramas in 2018?

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28 responses to “Kdrama Kisses 2018 Korean Drama Awards”

  1. raistlin0903 Avatar

    Well…guess who is still alive? 😅😅 I’m sorry for not having been here at all…there has been a very good reason for it, but you will see that in a special post I will be releasing today.
    I saw this make an appearance this morning, and just had to comment 😊😊 Even though I haven’t seen all the actors, actresses and shows in this list, it put a huge smile on my face to see Lawless Lawyer being featured so much on this list. I think out of all the shows that I saw this year, it’s certainly been my favorite. I have actually seen it twice, once alone, and once with my mother. It was a joy…and how I loved Choi Min Soo in the role of villain 😊😊 Thanks for bringing back some great memories. I hope all is going well with you. Have a wonderful Christmas, and hopefully I will be back somewhere next year when things settle down for me again healthwise. Bye for now 😊😊

    1. Kay Avatar

      Raistlin! So glad to see you and that you’re alive! (well, I did know you were alive since I had seen your own post yesterday, hehe) Will be looking forward to another update from you 🙂

      And I’m glad you were able to check this one out. I thought you would like that I had plenty of love for Lawless Lawyer. It just had so many outstanding elements to talk about. It almost got even more since my second place choice for Best Actor was Lee Joon Gi for his performance in Lawless Lawyer. But that Best Villain role was no contest. Choi Min Soo was just amazing! I’ll be remembering that performance for sure. It’s so great that you got to watch it twice too!

      I do really hope you get to feeling better soon, and I will be checking out your update for more details. I’m really glad you got a chance to stop by as it it definitely made me smile 🙂 Merry Christmas!

      1. raistlin0903 Avatar

        Haha, I’m pretty happy myself that I am alive as well 🤣🤣
        Yeah when I wrote my post this morning, I just could not resist to check out a few posts, and I’m glad I did, as this one was awesome. I could not agree with you more about Lawless Lawyer. It was a terrific series, and one that I will definitely remember for a long time, not to mention the terrific performance by Choi Min Soo. (seriously how could one forget that one 😂😂).
        Thank you so much for the kind words, and Merry Christmas to you as well. I hope to return to a bit of a normal routine again as soon as I am feeling better 😊😊

        1. Kay Avatar

          I am glad you were able to check out a few posts and connect with some of us 🙂 Choi Min Soo is just an amazing actor. What gets me is that I had seen him in two fantastic villain roles before this and was thoroughly impressed. Then for his Lawless Lawyer role to come along and even top those just blew my mind. He really is so good! But talk about doing a legal thriller right in just about every way 🙂

          1. raistlin0903 Avatar

            Yeah, hopefully I can get back to doing that more really soon 😊😊
            I had never seen him before, but I became an instant fan. I definitely hope we are going to see more of him in the future, that is for sure 😀😀

          2. Kay Avatar

            I can see how this role would make you an instant fan. It really showcases him well with a little bit of his quirky charm (he actually is wonderful at comedy) combined with that crazy villainous intensity he can bring. I know I’ll also be looking forward to what he chooses for his next project 🙂

  2. thebookwormdrinketh Avatar

    I have so much catching up to do!! In the blogging world, and in my K-Drama watching… Sadly, everything took a backseat to a busy work season…. And Hallmark movies… 😅 But, I’ve promised myself that in the New Year I’m going to be back in top form, and all of these are on my list!

    1. Kay Avatar

      I think that’s the story for all of us, lol. There was a lot of good dramas this year, and I hope you enjoy some of them when you get a chance. Oh, and yay for Hallmark movies! I’ve gotten in every new Hallmark Christmas movie so far this season, hehe 🙂

      1. thebookwormdrinketh Avatar

        He too!! My man is ready to call in some professional help for me… 😂😂

        1. Kay Avatar

          Haha, well, there’s no coming in between us and our Hallmark movies! 😉

          1. thebookwormdrinketh Avatar

            Damn straight! 💖🍻

  3. honeycrunch321 Avatar

    After reading this I’m thinking of watching Lawless Lawyer, Return and Grand Prince… Maybe after I watch “Children of Nobody” 🙂

    1. Kay Avatar

      Lawless Lawyer and Return would definitely continue that thriller feel after Children of Nobody 🙂 Apparently, a lot of people didn’t really like Grand Prince, but I just loved it! I hope some of these dramas end up being enjoyable for you too 🙂

      1. honeycrunch321 Avatar

        I hope so too~ I’ll be looking for them! Have a happy holidays Kay!<3

  4. Anne Avatar

    Interesting choices.. i only saw what’s wrong with secretary and a bit clueless about most:) i realize i never really think of girlmance but their sisterly love is adorable to watch. Heard great things about Thirty But Seventeen.. but it’s a romance between a 17 yr old and an adult?

    1. Kay Avatar

      I’m guessing you got in some other good dramas though 😉 I don’t think we get to see as many girlmances, but the one in What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim was just so cute. Loved those girls!

      And yes, Thirty But Seventeen is amazing! The romance is between two 30 year olds. The girl was in accident at 17 and stayed in a coma until 30. So she has the mentality of a 17 year old when she wakes up. And the guy went through trauma at 17 so even though he is 30, he is sort of emotionally stunted. It makes the pair really fit each other and be on the same level. It’s one I would highly recommend if you get a chance to watch it 🙂

  5. Fred Avatar

    I love this list. Your mentioning of Lawless Lawyer and Thirty But Seventeen makes me happy since both are two of my favorites this year. The one that did not seem to be mentioned here is While You Were Sleeping. Can’t you at least give Bae Suzy the “Most Improved Actress Award”? LOL joke. Her acting has improved a lot from the Uncontrollably Fond days. Now I am excited to see her in Vagabond.

    Anyhow, I was on this not-so-into-kdrama phase for more than a month; happens once or twice a year. After the last drama I watched, I’m now back in I-love-Kdrama mode so I am going to comment on two dramas I just finished. HAHAHA.

    1. Kay Avatar

      Hi Fred! I’m glad those made you happy since Thirty But Seventeen and Lawless Lawyer both definitely left such positive impressions on me too. There was so much to love about both dramas 🙂

      Ah, gotta love While You Were Sleeping. That one was actually 2017 though, and it did receive an award for best kiss that year 🙂 Hey now, I thought Suzy was great in Uncontrollably Fond. Maybe it’s just me? lol I’m more than ready to see her reunite with Lee Seung Gi in Vagabond!

      Sometimes it can be helpful to take a break. It can renew your kdrama love when you come back. So I’m glad you’re back in the love kdramas mode! There’s lots of dramas coming out way 🙂

  6. MyKDramaticLife Avatar


    I didn’t look at yours yet. Hehe, so it be surprising.

    “My KDramatic Awarding 2018”

    *Comedy Drama of the Year: Eulachacha Waikiki
    *Melodrama of the Year: Misty
    *Best Actor: 3rd – Lee Je Hoon (Where Stars Land)
    2nd – Kang Ji Hwan (Happy If You Died) / Choi Daniel (Ghost Detective)
    1st – Yoon Shi Yoon (Your Honor)
    *Best Actress: 3rd – Shin Hye Sun (30 But Seventeen)
    2nd – Kim Nam Joo (Misty)
    1st – IU (My Mister)
    *Best Supporting Actor: Lee Yi Kyung (Eulachacha Waikiki)
    *Best Supporting Actress: 2nd – Lee Ji Ah (Ghost Detective)
    1st – Seo Ji Hye (Black Knight)
    *Best New Actor: Ro Woon (About Time; Where Stars Land)
    *Best New Actress: Lee Yoo Young (Your Honor)
    *Loveteams of the Year: 3rd – Lee Yoo Young and Yoon Shi Yoon (Your Honor)
    2nd – Song Ji Hyo and Park Shi Hoo (Lovely Horribly) /
    Park Min Young and Park Seo Joon ( What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim)
    1st – Baek Jin Hee and Choi Daniel (Jugglers)
    *Best Kiss of the Year: Baek Jin Hee and Choi Daniel (Kiss Under the Tree – Jugglers)
    *Two Stars Award: Choi Daniel (Jugglers; Ghost Detective)
    : Park Eun Bin (Nothing to Lose; Ghost Detective)
    *Best Second Couple: 2nd – Pyo Ye Jin and Hwang Chan Sung (What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim)
    1st – Lee Soo Kyung and Kim Kyung Nam (Where Stars Land)
    *Best Second Lead Syndrome: 2nd – Yoon Sun Woo (30 But Seventeen) – 3rd Lead Syndrome actually. 🙂
    1st – Lee Gi Kwang (Lovely Horribly)
    *Characters of the Year: Nam Shin and Nam Shin III (Are You Human Too), Han Kang Ho (Your Honor) and Eulachacha Guys (Eulachacha Waikiki); Woo So Ri (30 But Seventeen) and Go Hye Ran (Misty)

    *Best Ensemble: Waikiki Guesthouse family (Eulachacha Waikiki)
    *Anticipated Actor and Actress for 2019: Son Seung Won and Park Eun Bin
    *Chemistry Actress: Seo Hyun Jin
    *Heartfelt Dramas of the Year: Happy If You Died, 30 But Seventeen, I’m Not a Robot, My Mister
    *Hidden Gems: Age of Youth 1 & 2, Good Doctor
    *Best Story of the Year: Happy If You Died

    *Best Drama: Eulachacha Waikiki

    That would be all (for now), thank you! 😀 🙂

    1. Kay Avatar

      Loving your list! Glad to see the love for Waikiki, Thirty But Seventeen, and Your Honor. And so many great actors! If I was giving 2nd and 3rd, people like Yoon Shi Yoon and Shin Hye Sun would have definitely made the list. There really were so many great dramas and performances this year! 🙂

  7. Noël Avatar

    Glad to see LL getting some well deserved love! Totally agree that Seo Ye Ji did an amazing job alongside Joongi and not to mention two powerhouse veterans at that! Loved the mature dynamic of their relationship as well. On another note, I didn’t get through all of Mr. Sunshine, but the costumes were indeed stunning.

    1. Kay Avatar

      Definitely have to give lots of love to Lawless Lawyer! It completely deserves it 🙂 Yes! All four of the main cast members were just phenomenal. I had the hardest time choosing best actor because of course I wanted to give it to Lee Joon Gi 😉 I went ahead with Jang Hyuk this time, but Joon Gi was right there with him with yet another amazing performance. And yes, the costumes were just lovely and so interesting to see in Mr. Sunshine 🙂

      1. Noël Avatar

        Hahaha, I can’t blame you. I am on board with your choice of Jang Hyuk. I didn’t end up finishing Money Flower because I got busy and put it on the back burner, but I watched more than half of it and really enjoyed Jang Hyuk in that role and the show overall.

        1. Kay Avatar

          Yes, he was really something in Money Flower. I’m always impressed with Jang Hyuk, but that performance was definitely up there. I watched the show early in the year, and it remained one of my favorite dramas of the year 🙂

  8. Eva Avatar

    Landslide win for Still 17.
    Return was amazing
    Money flower was amazing. All the actors were exceptional.
    I still have to check out Lawless Lawyer though.

    This was definitely a great recap of all the BEST dramas of the year. 2018 was definitely a great year for all the K Drama lovers out there 😊

    1. Kay Avatar

      Yep, Still 17, Return, and Money Flower were all standouts in 2018 🙂 Definitely give Lawless Lawyer a look. It really nails the legal thriller genre which can be very hit or miss for me. And there’s Lee Joon Gi of course 🙂

      1. Eva Avatar

        I’m currently watching the player right now. The one with Krystal. Soooo lawless lawyer will be next one my list.

        1. Kay Avatar

          Sounds like a good plan 🙂

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