Action and Suspense Set the Stage in First Trailer for Korean Drama W – Two Worlds

W Two Worlds - Lee Jong Suk

The first trailer is out for the new MBC romantic suspense melodrama W – Two Worlds starring Lee Jong Suk (Pinocchio) and Han Hyo Joo (Dong Yi), and it’s full of excitement! Lee Jong Suk appears to be living in the fantasy realm as a super chaebol who is a trillionaire, an Olympic athlete, and seems to be an action star when it comes to taking down the bad guys.  After taking them out, he pauses to give us a nice rain soaked wink to show just how cool he is.  Haha, loving it!

Han Hyo Joo appears afraid and confused as she ends up in a place she is unfamiliar with and is taken in by the police.  Lee Jong Suk is also left bloodied on a rooftop wondering where she is.

W - Two Worlds Korean Drama - Han Hyo Joo W Two Worlds - Lee Jong Suk 2

Wow, I’m loving the unique story for this, and the trailer really sets up the dramatic and fantasy vibe.  W – Two Worlds comes from the writer of Nine: 9 Time Travels and Queen In Hyun’s Man, so I have a high hopes for a solid fantasy story.

W – Two Worlds is a fantasy romance about a man (Lee Jong Suk) and woman (Han Hyo Joo) living in different parallel worlds that occupy the same space.  He’s a super chaebol, and she’s a surgeon.  Things become complicated when their lives become intertwined and they find themselves in unfamiliar places.

W – Two Worlds is scheduled to premiere July 20 on MBC.

See the trailer here:

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4 Responses to Action and Suspense Set the Stage in First Trailer for Korean Drama W – Two Worlds

  1. joybran2015 says:

    I’m also really looking forward to this one, mainly because of the writer, but I also really like both leads.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Kay says:

      The writer definitely excites me! I loved Nine and have heard really good things about Queen In Hyun’s Man. I’m a fan of Lee Jong Suk too, and I think I’ll really like this role for him. I’ve only seen Han Hyo Joo in Shining Inheritance, and I did like her quite a bit in that 🙂


      • joybran2015 says:

        Queen In Hyun’s Man is one of my all-time favorite dramas, right up there with Healer and City Hunter and Two Weeks and Time Between Dog and Wolf and Iljimae. Speaking of Iljimae, Han Hyo Joo didn’t make as big an impression in that as in Dong Yi, but she was very good in Dong Yi.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Kay says:

          Why do I always forget I saw her in Iljimae? I love Iljimae so much, but out of all the wonderful characters she didn’t stand out that much. But I did like her in that too 🙂

          All amazing dramas! Queen In Hyun’s Man is really high on my watch list. I’ve just been waiting for the perfect opening to watch it in 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

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