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February was another fabulous month in dramaland. I enjoyed a variety of shows again, and it paid off.  I watched two new dramas, my first completed Japanese drama, and a sageuk.  So that’s four dramas this month:

Remember Korean Drama - Yoo Seung Ho and Park Min Young PosterRemember: War of the Son

Remember: War of the Son ended up being just my kind of drama.  This is one of those times where I was excited about a drama from the moment Yoo Seung Ho and Park Min Young were cast.  Then they continued to add a slew of talented actors.  And the drama definitely lived up to my excitement!

It had a wonderful story acted by a cast of marvelous actors.  It felt sleek and was shot beautifully.  It was intense, sweet, and heartbreaking.  For me, it was everything I had hoped for, and I highly recommend it. (Remember: War of the Son Review)

Reply 1988 Korean Drama - Park Bo Gum, Go Kyung Pyo, Hye RiReply 1988 (Answer Me 1988)

I really enjoyed this drama as a whole.  Since its primary focus was simply on relationships without a grander plot running in the background, I did find it a bit a draggy here and there, especially with the long episode length.  I actually prefer dramas with crazy plots and fantastical characters.  And there really isn’t any of that in Reply 1988.

But the drama nails its portrayal of average families in 1988 with a more realistic view of regular people.  We get to see their ups and downs and simply go through life with them.  Each family is unique with its own quirks and tribulations, but when it comes down to it, they really love each other.  And really this is what the Reply series as a whole is all about. (Reply 1988 Review)

My Little Lover My Little Lover - Nakagawa Taishi and Yamamoto Maika 7

This is my first completed Japanese drama, and I looked forward to each and every episode of My Little Lover.  There really is nothing extraordinary about it.  The plot is simple, the characters are simple, and it really has all been done before.  I’m sure many people might not seeing anything special about it. But for me, this drama excelled at delivering the sweet heartfelt moments that just make you crave more.  It was full of cute, and I just felt so comfortable and at ease watching each episode.  It was a little world that I didn’t want to leave.

It truly is wonderful to discover a drama like this that simply clicks.  My Little Lover left me with all kinds of happy feelings and the belief that true love is possible no matter what. (My Little Lover Review)

Three MusketeersThree Musketeers Korean Drama - Jung Hae In, Jung Yong Hwa, Lee Jin Wook, and Yang Dong Geun

Three Musketeers didn’t really click with me.  I really liked the first two episodes that were more focused on Dal Hyang and his journey to the capitol and passing the exam.  But once he gets tangled up with the Crown Prince and his Musketeers, things grinded to a screeching halt for me.  Everything got a bit too political as we dealt with all of the different factions.

Overall, the pacing of the drama felt extremely uneven, and I simply found myself unable to engage with the characters and the story for the most part.  Despite having an interesting opening and closing, the complete dead part throughout the entire middle stretch really hurt the drama.  It had a lot of potential to be a fun, thrilling saguek, but it ended up falling flat. (Full Review Coming Soon)

I would say three successful dramas for February is a pretty good turn out.  And I absolutely loved Remember: War of the Son and My Little Lover.  So that’s definitely a win.

For the month of March, I hope to complete One More Happy Ending, Cheese in the Trap, and a couple of others.

So how was February for you?

Happy drama watching to everyone!

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2 responses to “Korean Drama Update for February 2016”

  1. Blue Avatar

    Yeah Kay, REMEMBER was super great. My few “complaints” were details in comparison to how amazing it was, I absolutely loved the ending as you know.

    As for Answer Me 1988, never watched one Answer Me season. But people have kept recommending them to me so maybe I should check this one. 🙂

    1. Kay Avatar

      “Details” is a good was to put any shortcomings of the drama. It really was fantastic, and I personally liked the ending too.

      I only recently watched Answer Me 1997, quickly followed by 1988. I liked 1997 better. It has more of a normal Kdrama feel while still highlighting heartwarming relationships with friends and family. 1988 takes that to a new level. It’s very slice of life, and I actually think the parent figures got more screen time than the teens. But I know a lot of people liked it the best. I really enjoyed it, but man, those episodes are long!

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