Korean Drama Descendants of the Sun Releases First Teaser Trailer

Descendants of the Sun Korean Drama - Song Joong Ki

The new KBS drama Descendants of the Sun starring Song Joong Ki (Nice Guy) and Song Hye Kyo (That Winter the Wind Blows) has released it’s first teaser trailer.  It shows our leads having an argument about a time that Song Joong Ki’s character kissed her without her permission.  He interrupts her response by asking if he should apologize or confess.  He’s a confident one to be sure.

Descendants of the Sun Korean Drama - Song Hye Kyo

I’m super excited to finally see our first scene from Descendants of the Sun.  The drama is being completely pre-produced with much of the drama filmed in Greece.  I can’t wait to see both of these actors in what I’m sure will be a very romantic and melodramatic drama.

Descendants of the Sun is a highly anticipated drama from the writer of Heirs and Secret Garden.  It tells the story of a UN captain (Song Joong Ki) and a doctor (Song Hye Kyo) who fall in love while providing aid in a country dealing with a natural disaster and civil strife.

Descendants of the Sun is scheduled to premiere in February on KBS.

See the trailer here: https://youtu.be/N-3RYPr4ZGY

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10 Responses to Korean Drama Descendants of the Sun Releases First Teaser Trailer

  1. brightfotini says:

    So I had heard about the drama and although I really like both leads I wasn’t drown enough by the story to get interested in picking it up. And then I heard that parts of it were filmed in Greece and I was like it would be interesting to see a korean drama filmed in my home country! So I’ll probably be chacking it out and who knows I might love it too! 🙂

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    • Kay says:

      I was pretty interested in this one early on. I’m not a fan of medical related dramas, but the actors, the writer, and the setting excited me. Since I recently saw and loved Heirs, I’m hopeful.

      And how neat that some of it is filmed in your home country! I too think it will be great to see Greece as a backdrop for the drama, and I’ve always enjoyed kdramas that have filmed in other countries. It just adds a unique feel to a kdrama.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Mitta says:

    Eagerly anticipating this one ever since I read about it. A huge Song Joon Ki fan and I am a sucker for war zone romance stories.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kay says:

      Me too! I can’t wait to see the intensity that I know Song Joong Ki will bring. I actually don’t think I’ve seen any kdramas that are war zone romances. Bridal Mask was probably the closest to that. But I love romances in extreme settings and circumstances, so I think this fits nicely 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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