Story of a Man Korean Drama Review (Midway)

Story of a Man Korean Drama - Lee Moon Shik, Phillip Lee, Park Yong Ha, and Park Ki Woong

Story of a Man tells the story of Kim Shin (Park Yong Ah).  His brother’s company goes bankrupt because of a scam ran by the head of a corporation named Chae Do Woo (Kim Kang Woo). Shin’s brother ends up committing suicide and leaving his family in debt.  Shin’s girlfriend, Seo Kyung Ah (Park Shi Yeon), also leaves him, and soon he ends up in prison.  While there, Shin learns what Do Woo did do his brother, and he sets out for revenge when he is finally released.

So basically, this is a midway review, but it will be my only review of the drama because I dropped it after episode 10.  I really dislike dropping dramas in general, especially when I get deep into them.  But sadly, I could never get into this one.

I guess I would describe it as a business revenge thriller.  I’m a big fan of well done revenge dramas, so the premise sounded right up my alley.  It’s not a drama you hear a lot about, but I had only read positive reviews, so I was pretty interested in it.  I also heard the term ‘thrilling’ so many times that I was ready to be on the edge of my seat.

Story of a Man Korean Drama - Park Yong Ha  Story of a Man Korean Drama - Park Ki Woong

While the drama started off with a strong first episode, things quickly slowed down.  Shin goes off to prison and initially encounters some problems, but he eventually befriends a crew of guys.  One of his new pals is played by Park Ki Woong who I was excited to see because I really loved him in the drama Bridal Mask (Gaksital).  I thought things would pick up when Shin got out of prison, and I was hoping the story just needed to really get set up and all of the characters in place, but things never improved.

Story of a Man Korean Drama - Lee Moon Shik  Story of a Man Korean Drama - Phillip Lee

Shin teams up with several of his prison buddies and adds in a couple of others guys, Park Moon Ho (Lee Moon Shik) and Do Jae Myung (Phillip Lee), to form his team out for revenge against Do Woo.  Also, things with Shin’s ex-girlfriend Kyung Ah get complicated as she becomes entangled with Do Woo.

Story of a Man Korean Drama - Park Shi Yeon  Story of a Man Korean Drama - Kim Kang Woo

All of the right elements were there, the drama just never took off.  The drama also seemed to be trying to hard to play up the fact that our team was supposed to be really cool and amazing.  There were lots of one liners, spy type music, and little undercover missions they had to accomplish.  But I failed to connect with any of the characters and felt the story was crawling along.

Story of a Man had great actors, and the concept of the story was decent, but apparently ‘business thriller’ is not my thing.  I was getting more bored by the minute, so regretfully I decided to drop it.

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3 Responses to Story of a Man Korean Drama Review (Midway)

  1. joybran2015 says:

    I liked this drama, mostly because of Park Ki Woong, and also Kim Kang Woo’s bad guy, but it wasn’t real memorable. There are often dramas that other people rave about but I just can’t get into. Better to drop it than suffer through, hoping you will finally see what others like about it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kay says:

      Yeah, I was really looking forward to this one, so I was disappointed it just wasn’t clicking. I loved all the actors though, especially Park Ki Woong. I usually would finish a drama if I’ve already put in 10 episodes, but there’s so many other dramas I want to watch I finally threw in the towel. Ah well, that’s how it goes. Glad you liked it though.


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