Two Weeks Korean Drama Review

Two Weeks - Lee Joon Gi Two Weeks is an action drama that tells the story of Jang Tae San (Lee Joon Gi), a man who learns that he has a daughter he never knew about it, but she has leukemia.  Just after he learns he is a match to be her donor, he is framed for murder.  He has to go on the run for the next two weeks so that he can return and save his daughter’s life.

Two Weeks - Soo JinTwo Weeks is a really solid drama.  Tae San’s character starts out as a sort of third rate thug who is initially extremely upset to find out he has a daughter named Soo Jin (Lee Chae Mi).  But that quickly changes after he meets her at the hospital.  Soo Jin may just be the most adorable child to ever exist.  Although his relationship with her mom, Seo In Hye (Park Ha Sun), remains strained, as soon as Tae San learns he is a match to be Soo Jin’s bone marrow donor, he is excited and determined to save her.

Of course, everything changes when he is framed for murder.  Because his life is in danger if he stays in jail, he goes on the run.  During this time, we really get to connect with Tae San and see how good of a person he really is.  Flashbacks portray his relationship with In Hye and the circumstances that led to their break up.

Two WeeksWe also see In Hye struggle after Tae San goes missing, because her daughter’s treatment has already begun, and if he doesn’t show up in time, she will die.  In Hye’s boyfriend, Im Seung Woo (Ryo Soo Young), also happens to be a cop.  After Tae San eventually contacts her, keeping the secret complicates their relationship.

Two Weeks - Lee Joon GiAs always, Lee Joon Gi nailed his role as Tae San.  He displays such a range of emotion.  Tae San goes through heartbreak, fear, and anger while he’s on the run.  I was always fully wrapped up in whatever emotion Tae San was experiencing.  Through the flashbacks, we also get to experience the sweet, charming side of Tae San.  And his relationship with his daughter is a joy to watch. Tae San was always an intelligent man, but his life really led him down the wrong path.  While on the run, he is able to utilize his skills and intelligence, thus allowing him to grow and mature into the kind of person he always had the ability to be.

Two Weeks is a fun ride with a lot of action.  Romance is not the focus of the drama, but it is present.  The story is solid, and the characters are believable.  I think it is a must watch for anyone, but especially if you are a fan of Lee Joon Gi.

What did you think of Two Weeks?

My Rating: 9/10

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5 Responses to Two Weeks Korean Drama Review

  1. joybran2015 says:

    I LOVED it! I’ve watched it four times, one of my all time favorites. The villains are somewhat laughable, but Joon Gi makes up for any deficiencies with his mesmerizing acting.


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