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For post #1, I have decided to tell my kdrama discovery story.  I love reading about people’s first experiences with kdrama, and it makes a great introduction.

I have always been a TV junkie and have long enjoyed the experience of getting completely immersed in a show.  When I got a subscription to Netflix about four years ago, it revolutionized my TV experience.  I now had the opportunity to “binge watch” entire seasons of TV shows at whatever pace I wanted.  My husband (aka Mr. Kay) and I blew through many series over the next couple years.  But as much as we love TV, we are a bit picky in our tastes, so we soon found ourselves at the bottom of the American TV barrel.  We were left with a lot of mediocre shows that really just didn’t satisfy.

So late one night after Mr. Kay had went to bed just before Christmas 2013, I was browsing Netlfix’s offerings as I had many times before, trying to find something, anything, worth watching.  After about 10 minutes of searching, something different stuck out.  A show called “The Great Doctor” (also known as “Faith”).  I read the description and thought it sounded kind of interesting.  I had always liked time travel stories, but I had never heard of this.  What category/type of show was it?  It was…a Korean drama!??  Sure, I had quickly passed by that category before, but who watched Korean dramas?  I was vaguely aware that they had a following here in America, but again, seriously, who watched them?  Now the subtitles didn’t scare me off.  I had watched my fair share of foreign movies and a handful of Japanese anime shows, but aside from a few British shows I loved, I didn’t really have any in depth experience with another country’s tv offerings.

Things were about to change.  I decided I would give “The Great Doctor” a go.  Now unlike most people, I didn’t fall in love immediately or anything.  I thought the show was a little slow to get going.  If it was an American show, I probably would have given up on it within 15 minutes, but I wanted to get a feel for a Korean show.  It felt different in so many ways.  One thing I was quickly intrigued with was the character General Choi Young (who just happened to be none other than Lee Min Ho).  I continued to be mildly interested, so I watched two episodes.

The next day I headed to good old Google to find out more about this Kdrama phenomenon and what it was all about.  I read about other people’s crazy obsessions with their dramas and couldn’t help but be fascinated.  It seemed like there were tons of dramas to choose from, so I thought maybe I should give a really popular one a go.  After some reading, a popular classic kept popping up…it was “Full House“.  The premise sounded funny, and I wanted to give it a try.  Luckily, it was on Hulu.  I mentioned to Mr. Kay that I was going to give this Korean drama a try, and to my surprise, he wanted to check it out too!

Full House Korean Drama - Rain and Song Hye Kyo

So on December 27, 2013, we started “Full House”.  Two days later, we emerged new people.   We had completed the entire show and were in awe.  We were fascinated with this new culture and were craving more.  I find it funny now, but I vividly remember Mr. Kay worrying that maybe “Full House” was the best kdrama had to offer.  What if nothing else was as good?  Haha!  If he only knew.  I assured him that I had read about lots of other good shows, and I was confident that we would enjoy them too.  Now I will always have a special place in my heart for “Full House”, but most  kdrama fans know just how much more awesomeness is out there.  I found another drama with the guy from “The Great Doctor” in it called “City Hunter“, and we blew through that one too, closely followed by “Boys Over Flowers“.

Of course, that was just the beginning.  I had been kissed by kdramas.  A new passion had been born.  I’m lucky that my husband just happens to share that passion.  We were in deep, and there was no coming back.  And I wouldn’t have it any other way…

So what was your first kdrama experience like?  Leave a comment below.

5 responses to “My First Kdrama Kiss”

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  2. mykrazykaddiction Avatar

    What a great story! My addiction started in 2014, and I too was blown away with Kdramas. I haven’t watched American TV since! I just started my interest in blogging and wanted to share about my Kexperience as well. (Still figuring out the blogging stuff) I enjoy reading your posts!

    1. Kay Avatar

      I”m glad you enjoy them 🙂 I think a lot of us ended up being blown away by kdramas. They are just so amazing! I still watch some American TV, but boy does it pale in comparison! I’m always disappointed in it and constantly thinking of how a kdrama would do it better, lol. And blogging is a great way to share your experience and connect with other fans. I’ve enjoyed it immensely, and I hope you do too 🙂

  3. Snow Flower Avatar
    Snow Flower

    A friend told me that she was watching an exciting Korean drama. I had no idea what she was talking about. She told me the premise (modern doctor travels to the past!) and I thought it was interesting. Couple of days later my friend came over and I asked her to show me the Korean drama. That, of course, was Faith. I was hooked from the beginning. I had no idea what Goryeo or Yuan was, but I had the burning desire to find out. This happened in November of 2012 and it was like a whole new world opening to me. I never looked back. Now, 7 years and 100 dramas later, I have read a couple of books on Korean history and learned the Korean alphabet. I am not Korean, and neither is my friend who introduced me to the kdrama world.

    I have always been a history buff, so naturally I prefer the historical Korean dramas. I also like a good mystery. I was pleasantly surprised by slice of life dramas too. Korean dramas have also introduced me to some very talented actors and actresses, writers, and directors. I am looking forward to more discoveries!

    1. Kay Avatar

      Yay! You found my really old first post 🙂 And you have a great first kdrama story too! How neat that we both first watched Faith. You sound like me in that despite not knowing so much you were so curious to know what happened. And then you fall in the kdrama black hole and get out!

      I too fell in love with dramas and the culture so much that I started learning some Korean history, learned Hangul, and know some basic Korean. It’s just all so interesting 🙂

      I absolutely love historicals too. They are so grand and tell such wonderful stories. I also really go for melos, thrillers, and rom-coms. You’re right, the kdrama world has so much talent from the actors to the production teams. Such an amazing medium that I’m so happy I was able to discover. I’m glad to hear they’ve brought you a lot of joy too 🙂

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